Welcome to the Future of Adventure!

The Clueless Guide was created for average people like you and me who wanted to get outside and explore but didn’t know where or what we could do. Tired of looking up hikes that only deal in stats and altitudes?

Long lived the days of the hiking books. Let’s face it, no one actually brings their books out in the nature with them. We all bring our phones though! With the offline features that are available, adventurers will be set no matter which mountain they are on! Tech is the future, why not bring it into our future adventures.

Every adventure that is in this guide has been completed by The Clueless Guide personally. This gives you real-time information that can be updated when necessary. Being the fact that it is a subscription app, this means that every month new features are being added. This gives you your first guide that actually has adventures for all seasons without having to purchase or download a separate product!