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Vog App Developers are Canadian Developers who build apps right here in Canada!

We provide businesses and entrepreneurs with innovative and custom software applications that will improve the way they do business and disrupt the status quo.

We build more than apps, we build businesses

Real Costs From the Get-Go

We put real costs in front of you from day one. We have the experience to create a realistic scope up front and to price it appropriately so you know what you’re paying for from the very beginning.

Your Team, In Person

As one of the leading Calgary App Developers we want our clients to be a part of the conversation at all times. You can feel confident while working in house directly with our full team. Our team works in office to ensure that our clients have easy access to our collaborative process. Whether you want to pop by our office or set regular meetings, your full team is ready to provide the answers you need.

A Great Design

Before your app is built, your design team specializes in researching and understanding the best ways to create a positive user experience based on a well thought out user interface. Our user experience starts from doing usability testing of prototypes, wireframe mapping, feature prioritization, frontend research and market research.

Honest Expertise and Support, 100% of the Time

We believe that is important to make sure that we are providing candid feedback on ways to improve or polish an idea. It is crucial for us to make sure that our clients and our team are confident in the benefits that our app will provide its users. Our clients know that their app and their business is just as important to us as it is to them. However, we know your budget is important and we understand how to work within it.

What You Need, Where You Need It

Our clients come from all sorts of backgrounds, from grain brokerages to entertainment companies, our team has an in-depth knowledge of innovative mobile technology for all major platforms. We listen to our clients needs to ensure that their idea is working on the best platform while incorporating innovative and custom features. Our platforms include iOS, Android, Windows, Back-end Apps, Front-end Apps using HTML5, and Web Interface.

From Start to Finish, We Have Your Back!

Once your app is running, our team at Vog Calgary App Developers will help you easily manage your mobile app. Our customer support is limitless and we will be with you every step of the way, from development to execution. With our knowledge of the mobile app industry, latest app trends and marketing techniques our team has the know-how to launch your app in the right direction.

Need an App? – We build’EM!



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Whatever your needs are we can handle the job. From apps for businesses or groups, a game app, unique custom development, or augmented reality (AR) application – We can build it.

About Us

We Are Vog Calgary App Developers

Vog Calgary App Developers was founded in 2012 based off of Vince O’Gorman’s vision to provide local entrepreneurs and businesses with high quality yet affordable custom apps. The company has a dedicated team of trained and experienced designers, developers, project managers and consultants. Our team works together locally so that your projects vision does not get lost overseas. We continue to grow and attract new talent based on the belief that apps are the future of how people interact in a digital world and the key to success for any profitable business. 

That is why we believe that we are building more than just mobile apps, we are helping our clients build businesses. We also know that specialized apps are becoming the standard for any industry that is simply looking to make things easier, more interactive and more profitable. The need to help local and international clients receive professional mobile app development was a must. Keeping mobile development costs fair and reasonable is why Vog Calgary App Developers is your ideal agency to work with. With our creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge for app development, we are the most reliable and best suited mobile app development team for your project.

Why Build An App?

  • Your App, Your Community

    When your customers download your new app, it’s like having a mini-billboard of your business whenever and wherever they take their phone. You will be able to send instant updates, promotion and news, even when they aren’t using your mobile app. Customers could find out if you’re open, buy a product, or make a reservation. Your  Vog Calgary mobile app will make customers feel part of your community – building loyalty and sales.

  • Automate Your Process

    If your business is relying on an outdated system that is costing money with lost time, building an app might be the best way to reduce time while producing more profitable results. Having an app can make it so that your business is spending less time and resources on doing manual or outdated processes.


    Do your competitors have an app yet? Or maybe your customer has to phone you directly to place a long order? Maybe you have to log in to an old system that doesn’t even run in the cloud? Whatever the situation, having an app looks, feels and performs exactly how want your business to be: Intuitive, efficient, automated and profitable.

  • Valuable Data

    Its simple. Ever wondered about how you can learn about your target market or customer base? While users are interacting with your app you are collecting important data that is always valuable. Your app might even incorporate a dashboard directly within its own user interface so users can see their own personal data.

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