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Bucars RV App Provides RVers The Help They Need On The Fly

Vog Calgary App Developer is pleased to announce the launch for the Bucars RV app.  Bucars RV, located in Balzac Alberta north of Calgary, Alberta, is one of the best places to purchase a RV.  Having personally been to Bucars and experienced the service first hand, I have to admit that Bucars RV is defiantly […]

What Types of Apps Get Approved in iTunes

The VOG Calgary Mobile App Developer team has been really busy over the last few months building new apps and developing websites but we love every minute of it.  Now that the summer is here and we have a little time in our schedule a little update on the blog seems appropriate.  Everyday we get lots […]

Sinclair Racing Mobile App Released For Chuckwagon Racing Fans

Vog Calgary App Developer would like to congratulate Hugh Sinclair and the Sinclair racing team for becoming the first Chuckwagon racing team to have their very own team app.  The Team Sinclair app is a behind the scenes and front row ticket to everything that is Sinclair Racing!

Apps For Small Business – Small Businesses Can Leverage The Power of Mobile Apps

Do you have a small business that could use an app?  Do you want to leverage the power and flexibility of a small business app?  Surprisingly enough not many business owners know that they can have a small business app which can be used by their customers.  Many business’ are understanding the importance of a […]

How Companies Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

A question we often hear at Vog Calgary App Developer is how can a company benefit from having a mobile app? Many companies feel that their website and email marketing is providing the best coverage for gathering online traffic.  In fact, some companies even have a social media manager or director who solely works social […]

Vog Calgary App Developer Launches Chalks/Chill Billiards App

Vog Calgary App Developer is pleased to announce the launch of the Chalks Chill Billiards app.  The Chalks Chill Billiards app was designed for Al Lalani, owner of both Chalks and Chill Billiard Halls.  This app was exciting for the Vog Calgary App Developer team because of the feedback we received from Al.

New SEO For Google’s Search Engine – Success of the Penguin Update

A week or two ago I read an interesting article that CNN.com had posted.  The article was in regards to Google’s all out attack on people, companies and websites that try to “cheat” web-crawlers in order to gain better standings in the search engine rankings. Having a fair share of knowledge in relation to this […]

How To Create An iPhone App For My Business

Are you a business that is looking for an affordable iPhone app?  Are you looking for help on how to create an iPhone app for your business?  Thankfully there are many ways to save money and build an app that represents your company or business. So what exactly do you need to develop your very […]

41% Of Smartphone Owners Have Made A Purchase From Their Mobile Phone

Why Apps Are The Best Marketing Tool Companies Can Have

Apps are by far the most effective marketing tool any company can have.  So why are many companies slow to act when opportunity to own an app is right in front of them?  What is the reason for hesitation? Understandably, there is always a little caution used when looking at different ways to market ones […]