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Matching Holiday Trends With Mobile Devices

Not sure if a mobile app is for you?  If you are still debating on the idea of owning a mobile app for your business, then maybe these helpful numbers will provide you with some decision making power.  The info-graph below has some real stats and info on the growth of the mobile industry. Still […]

The Power Of A Non-Profit Business App

Managing a non-profit business can have a significant amount of challenges associated with it. However, the managing of members and updating close contacts can be managed with the power of a non-profit business app. How can a smartphone app be able to help a non-profit organization? An app can offer a non-profit business or association […]

Mobile Apps for Business Marketing – Custom Business Marketing Mobile Apps

[linkedin_share url=”https://vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com/mobile-apps-for-business-marketing” style=”none”] [twitter url=”https://vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com/mobile-apps-for-business-marketing” style=”horizontal” source=”https://twitter.com/CalgaryAppDev” float=”center”] Do mobile apps for business marketing help when companies are wanting to market to specific clients and customers?  Can custom mobile apps for business marketing be as or more effective then current marketing habits? The success of a any business can be contributed to the overall effort […]

The App Revolution…Bigger Then The Birth Of The Internet?

Could a case be made that the app revolution is bigger then the birth of the Internet?  Another case could be made that the sharp incline of new emerging apps would be a front runner in race between the birth of the Internet and the role of smart phone apps. If you have not heard […]

Why Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Agents Should Have Business Apps

[linkedin_share url=”Permalink: https://vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com/why-mortgage-b…-business-apps” style=”none” float=”left”] [fbshare url=”Permalink: https://vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com/why-mortgage-b…-business-apps” type=”button” float=”left”] [twitter url=”Permalink: https://vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com/why-mortgage-b…-business-apps” style=”horizontal” related=” VogCalgaryApps@CalgaryAppDev ” float=”left”]   In this post we are going to look at why mortgage brokers and Real Estate agents should have a business app.  What are the benefits to having an app which represents you and your listings?  What […]

Apps Developers – How To Find The Right iPhone & Smartphone Apps Developers

[twitter_follow username=”https://twitter.com/CalgaryAppDev” language=”en”] [fblike url=”https://vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com/apps-developers-how-to-find-the-right-iphone-smartphone-apps-developers” style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] Apps developers are plenty and widespread around the world.  You can find apps developers in North American and all the way over to India, south Asia and the Middle East.  Having used some developers from the Middle East, this author can honestly state that some […]

How Much Does It Cost To Have An App Built?

[twitter url=”https://vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com/how-much-does-it-cost-to-have-an-app-built” style=”horizontal” size=”large” float=”right”] How much does it cost to have an app built for a business looking to connect with their customers? Building an app can be very expensive.  In fact, web designers, app developers and web content creators will charge anywhere between $80-$120 per hour.  Considering that most apps can take anywhere […]

New App Software Developer In Calgary Doing Local and International Work

[twitter style=”horizontal” size=”large” float=”left” use_post_url=”true”] We here at Vog Calgary Apps are please to announce our official start in developing new apps for local and international businesses. Although the market for app development seems very overcrowded, which in some ways it is, Vog Calgary Apps is bringing a different strategy to clients and customers. We […]

VogCalgary AppDeveloper.com New Logo

[twitter style=”horizontal” related=”https://twitter.com/CalgaryAppDev” size=”large” float=”right”] VogCalgaryAppDeveloper.com is pleased to show our brand new logo which was created with the help of 99designs.ca.  The new logo represents our commitment to building fun, creative and unique smartphone apps for local and non-local companies. It is with great joy that we are able to work locally for many […]

Vog Apps Thanks 99Designs.ca For Logo

[twitter style=”vertical” related=”https://twitter.com/CalgaryAppDev” size=”large” float=”left”] Vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com thanks our friends over at 99designs.ca for creating a cool looking logo for our website.  Our new logo and Vog, our company ambassador, would like to put out a special thanks to logo designer Vian Stef. 99Designs.ca is a logo design company which posts jobs from website developers and […]