Why You Should Use an HSE App for Workplace Safety

How Mobile Applications Improve HSE Management

The best way to enable employees and contractors to quickly access safety procedures, document details, create custom reports and review hazard information is already on the palm of their hands. Mobile custom apps built for the Health Safety and Environment industry can meet numerous requirements and become a tool that not only mitigates risks but also helps planning future actions through documentation and history tracking. Generate reports, make decisions, improve initiatives, get your specific needs fulfilled, and manage risks through a custom mobile app. 

Handle HSE Issues Online or Offline

Get a seamless integration built that allows users to view information and communicate updates in both online and offline environments. With full flexibility and communication, features can be created by named users or with stripped-down reporting functions for external customers, contractors and other associates.

Extend Your Office Functions To Mobile Devices

Save time and reduce paperwork. Get updates of actions, fixes and mitigations.

Reduce Risks On The Plam Of Your Hand

Reduce the uncertainty about the possible impact of technical, operational or organizational solutions on health, safety or the environment through data collected with your mobile app.

Easy Documentation On The Field

Manage documentation of any issues, such as complaints, quality cases, ideas, risks and accidents or to support more formal activities such as audits and inspections. Also, record voice messages and take pictures in order to get more accurate measurements in your data.

Immediate Access To The Reports and Records

Generate custom and integrated reports in order to help decision-makers and optimize time-management.

Customized For Different Customer Needs

With automatic input of standard fields and built-in capabilities to simplify input.

Facilitate The Communication

Instantly increase effectiveness and efficiency with the use of the app to communicate with everyone who is involved in the project. In an intuitive way, discuss resolutions and fixes with colleagues until a suitable action plan is agreed. Actions can be planned, performed and closed directly in the app or in back office web environments. With a user-friendly interface, built by an experienced UI/UX professional, it can be extremely simple and easy to manage tasks and achieve your goals.

Maintenance Management

Installations, facilities and equipment wear out, get used up, and become damaged or destroyed. Insufficient maintenance may increase the risk of major accidents and damage. Manage maintenance, contact service and equipment suppliers, and get your problems solved with a few actions. 

Find out why you should use an HSE app for workplace safety. Through a custom mobile app, it’s possible to get solutions that reflect the requirements of your specific industry and manage numerous aspects of your business. Mobile devices combined with powerful software can completely change the way you do business. Vog App Developers have been developing mobile applications for the HSE sector since 2012. If you are looking for Mobile Development Calgary you can find it at Vog, check out our portfolio and contact us to learn more about it with our experienced team of developers