Calgary, AB

Job Summary


***No phone calls please****

***Only qualified candidates will be contacted***

***All applicants are to apply via online job board only (including referrals)***


1. Resume/cover letter submitted via company job board only.

2. If a resume is selected, online behavioral/technical assessments are provided.

3. If assessments receive a high score and completed promptly, an online interview is completed.

4. If shortlisted as a top candidate, a final in-person interview is completed.

5. The top candidate is provided with an offer.


Digital Marketing:

  • Identify new B2B custom mobile app/software opportunities.
  • Design digital advertising content and assets.
  • Tailor digital marketing campaigns that will attract selected business/industry decisions makers.
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for creative digital marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize the company’s online presence/content to build brand awareness and generate new leads.
  • Optimize online user experience for new leads researching our company.
  • Develop content for internal websites using WordPress.
  • Drive SEO strategy.
  • Lead advertising efforts on all social media accounts.
  • Optimize/implement new lead funnels to convert new online leads into appointment bookings.
  • Undertake individual tasks of a marketing plan as assigned.
  • Measure and present KPI’s and ROI for digital campaigns.
  • Provide service related to digital marketing as assigned.

Business Development:

  • Control online customer communication platforms to introduce the company and its offerings.
  • Conduct email, phone social media prospecting.
  • Create pitches, visual content to present features and benefits to new leads.
  • Reach out to newly generated leads to build value and interest.
  • Report lead progress using company CRM.
  • Book customer appointments for account managers.


  • Build creative non-digital marketing campaigns and informational content.
  • Manage suppliers as needed to implement advertising campaigns.
  • Design non-digital advertising content and assets to build awareness in Calgary and Alberta area.
  • Assess KPI’s and ROI to determine campaign effectiveness.


1. Website traffic growth.

2. Social media traffic growth.

3. Lead generation growth.

4. Appointment booking growth.

5. Advertisement ROI growth.

Job Type / Category

Vog App Developers is looking for a marketing specialist to lead its digital, non-digital and direct marketing efforts in order to create new leads and book consultation appointments for our account managers. The typical customer for an app development project is any small to medium sized business in Canada that is looking to update its technology with custom tailored mobile software. It would be up to you to identify new mobile app B2B opportunities within Canada. This is a creative and self-directed role that significantly rewards performance. If you are a highly motivated entrepreneur, who can work independently to enhance/build new functions of Vog’s marketing efforts, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications

Experience Assets:

  • 2+ years of software sales experience considered an asset.
  • 2+ years of digital marketing experience considered an asset.
  • 2+ years of advertising experience considered an asset.
  • 2+ years of graphic design experience considered an asset.
  • 2+ years of business development experience considered an asset.
  • 2+ years of WordPress copywriting, design and development experience considered an asset.
  • 2+ years of SEO optimization experience considered an asset.
  • 2+ years of customer service considered an asset.

Identification Requirements:

  • (Minimum) valid Canadian permanent resident, or valid work permit (12 months minimum).
  • 2 pieces of valid gov photo ID.
  • Must be able to provide a minimum of two references.
  • Must be able to provide valid Canadian SIN.
  • Must be able to work at Calgary, AB office location.
  • Must be able to pass criminal record check.
  • Must be able to work during office hours (9 – 5, Mon – Fri)

Educational Qualifications:

  • Post-secondary related to marketing, digital marketing, information technology or another relevant program would be considered an asset.
  • Additional certificate related to digital marketing, SEO, WordPress, advertising, information technology or other relevant certification would be considered an asset.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Integrity – a professional whose honesty, integrity, confidentiality, and high ethical standards and contributes to effective leadership and optimal business relationships.
  • Energy – displays enthusiasm, optimism, drive, and passion while maintaining a high level of productivity and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Diversity – understands the importance of different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences and is respectful of individual differences.
  • Communication – effectively expresses ideas and conveys information in business writing, conversations and interactions with others.
  • Client Service Excellence – understands the importance of quality client service by being courteous, responding to client requests in a timely manner and monitoring satisfaction
  • Teamwork & Relationship Development – works collaboratively with team members in order to achieve a common goal and develops, maintains and strengthens relationships with others, both inside and outside the Firm.
  • Accountability – takes responsibility for one’s own performance by setting clear goals and tracking progress against those goals; is highly organized and uses personal judgment and decision making.
  • Flexibility – effectively manages multiple assignments, adapts to changing priorities and is able to work independently or as part of a team.

Company Profile

With more than 20 team members, having managed over 50+ software projects, Vog App Developers is an all Canadian app development team. Recognized as one of Canada’s top 10 mobile app developers, we focus on building custom mobile applications for local businesses, entrepreneurs or anybody looking to innovate. Our entrepreneurial team works with a variety of Canadian clients and continues to grow in size and reputation. “We build more than just apps, we build businesses.” Please view our webpage for more information!


At Vog App Developers, teamwork is essential for the company to continue efficiently and effectively. We consider every individual to be unique and different from one another, which is why we drive and challenge staff members to innovate and share new ideas. Our team members enjoy the ability to apply their skills in a supportive environment with knowledgeable software developers and designers.


  • Competitive payment structure.
  • Foster expertise in software technologies that are relevant to various industries in Canada.
  • Work from home opportunity (2 days per month)
  • High probability of expanding role and client management responsibilities when successfully meeting performance goals.
  • Opportunity to work within the mobile application industry.
  • Work with a friendly and diverse team.
  • Access to regular team events.
  • Complimentary office food and beverage.

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