How To Turn Your Energy Industry Knowledge Into Performance

One of the biggest challenges in the energy sector is to turn information challenges into organizational assets. The need for an asset management approach for the operational content is bringing custom software as the best solution when looking for safety improvement, productivity increase and operational excellence.

The software industry is its consolidation stage and, for this reason, it’s easier and cheaper to get access to custom solutions that will improve the way the energy industry is doing business. Here’s how a custom software application can turn knowledge into performance:

  1. Improve business agility: Manage complex projects that can require intricate multilevel phases, as well as strict costing and complex billing.
  2. Streamline processes: Eliminate paperwork or spreadsheets, automating critical processes and delivering real-time reporting.
  3. Optimize project management: Including mobile field service management, maintenance management, financial management, asset management and customer relationship management (CRM).
  4. Enhance production management: Operating a variety of production methods ranging from discrete to mixed-mode, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, and configure-to-order.
  5. Adapt to change: Modernize your systems to increase agility and optimize operations for sustainable growth.
  6. Manage your system from anywhere: Comprehensive field service functionality and full data synchronization in a workflow-based mobile application.
  7. Measure and analyze results: Perform detailed estimation, planning, scheduling, costing and supply chain logistics for complete control and analysis of any project.
  8. Act fast: Through automated notifications that can be sent to individuals or groups, ensuring nothing gets overlooked or delayed.

Energy is the industry’s authoritative provider of information, analytics and insight that helps businesses understand the complex environment that shapes energy markets and asset performance. It’s a complex industry that relies on accurate data, speed, and successful project management. In this case, analytical tools enable energy companies to continuously improve their strategy and operations across the entire energy value chain, covering oil & gas, coal, power and renewables.

Moreover, performance in the sector is mostly driven by the supply and demand for worldwide energy. It’s hard to achieve acceptable performance and manage data efficiently when there are still energy companies out there using time-consuming and error-prone manual (or Excel) based processes. To reach operational excellence, it’s necessary to replace manual processes with a solution that standardizes workflows for tracking, managing, and documenting various compliance and safety regulations and requirements. To that end, getting custom software gives the business a competitive advantage by improving performance through the use of the latest technologies.

Every business tracks and manages work differently and, for some companies, the way they manage their businesses is one of their biggest strengths. Custom solutions allow companies to tailor applications to their specific needs and around your unique processes and workflows.  For this reason,  hire a team of developers who understand that every energy business is different, and needs solutions that work for that business and match its priorities.

According to a recent report from Global Industrial Journal, it’s expected we will continue to see growth in sales and acquisitions in the energy software solutions sector throughout 2019. The report shows the continued sales growth seen for energy software solutions companies as the technology becomes more widely available and easier to adopt. However, to remain competitive in the evolving manufacturing industry, businesses need to find ways to reduce waste and increase operational efficiency.

Contact us today to get a custom solution built for your specific needs and learn more about what we can do for your business. Our team has a strong mix of technical and industry skills, using the latest development tools together with substantial experience and a targeted approach. Increase on-time performance and reduce costs while improving quality with the help of a reliable team that is always ready to answer all your questions.


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