5 App Ideas for the Novice and Seasoned Investor

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, or a timid first timer. You can’t argue that keeping informed is incredibly crucial to your investment portfolio. Here’s a few apps we think you need to keep your investment decisions smart, informed, and successful:

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The 5 Minute Argument for Focus Group Testing (I Promise It’s Not Boring)

Only five minutes for this hey? That means this needs to be short, action packed, informative, interesting, and needs more cowbell. Here’s our 5 minute case for taking the time to test your app with focus groups first before “throwing” it out into the world:

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What Apps Could Look Like in 2025?

Ever wondered where apps are heading in the future? Are we going to be stuck on smartphone screens forever or is something different coming? Will newer technologies help my business? These are the right questions to be asking for this blog topic! Let’s take a look:

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The 6 Coolest Apps for Stress Relief

Got a lot of stress in your life? There might be an app for that! There’s almost no limits to what technology can achieve and stress is no different. Here are a few quick and easy ways to combat stress using nothing more than your smart phone and the willingness to try:

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The Beginner’s Guide to Entering the App Market

Ever wanted to enter the app market but just aren’t sure how to do it? You might not know everything and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, it’s important to make sure that whenever your money is in question that you’re not going in blind.  Here are a few ideas to get you on your way:

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A macbook pro with a phone and notepad

Think You’re Cut Out For for VOG Calgary App Developer? Take This Quiz

Think you have what it takes to work at VOG Calgary App developer? Even if you’re not interested in a job try the quiz out anyway, you might just learn a thing or two!

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App Dev 101: How do you Choose an App Developer? Reaction

Some folks at Appiction on YouTube made an interesting video on how to choose the right developer. As the best Calgary Mobile App Developer we have a biased opinion on who that is, but does Spencer Forrest agree with us? Or is he a bit off? Check out the video below:

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Mobile Marketing Mistakes Everyone Makes

Now let’s say you have an incredible app idea that’s going to be the next big thing and change the world. That’s great! Now the problem is you can have a solid app product to give to people but it won’t mean a thing if people don’t know about it, or its marketed poorly. There are mistakes and pitfalls we can all be victim to if we aren’t careful, which is why we have created this article. We are the best Calgary Mobile App Developers and we know that just having a great idea isn’t enough, so here are our Mobile Marketing Mistakes everyone makes:

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The Best Apps for the Remote Worker

The remote worker understands time management better than most. The ability to always be working hard and be on the move is a very difficult challenge in terms of maintaining your out of office excursion, as well as your full time work. Thankfully, the best Calgary mobile app developers at VOG Calgary, have put together a quick list that even a busy person will have time to read. So enough time wasting, here is our list for the top apps for the remote worker:

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Cheap or Free Charity Apps You Need Right Now

Would it surprise you to learn there is likely an app for everything out there? A lot of people tend to not even associate apps with being charitable due to the constant harassment of ads and offers popping up in their face in every app we download. We at VOG Calgary Apps – The best Calgary mobile app developers – believe there are a lot of good apps and app ideas out there that can benefit others in the world. So here is our top charity apps you can download to add a bit of good karma to your life: Read more