iOS App – Important Facts To Know

Here are a few iOS app important fact to know if you are looking for an app developer.

If you love to use mobile devices like iPad and iPhone etc. and fond of using devices based on iOS operating system then you must know about their tremendous classic and intelligent features. Some interesting facts about iOS app development are being shared in this write-up to help you in understanding the use of this operating system in running an app. Using this useful information here regardless of the fact that you are a professional app developer or a teenager who is curious to know about apps developed with iOS will help you better understand the mobile industry.

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Need a Calgary App Developer? Simple Tips that Help You Find the Right Developer for Your Project

What to Look for in a Calgary App Developer – High Quality Apps

Before hiring a Calgary app developer, you want to make sure they offer outstanding service. It means that they should create an outstanding app that users want to use all the time. They must also put the idea for your app through a vetting process so that they can streamline the idea down the road. Only then, they should start out building the app itself. Their staff should have decades of combined experience and diverse skill sets that will allow them to expertly tailor their services to match each one of your mobile needs in no time.

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“I know this app guy you should go see” – Warning, Warning, Warning

Warning – do not listen to your friends when they tell you then know an “app guy” that might be able to help you.  Friends are great for hanging out and drinking beer with.  As a trusted friend, we take what they say with a lot of value. However our friends are not always as informed as we need them to be. It’s important to pick the right Calgary Mobile App Developer yourself, not just because a friend told you to:

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Expectation vs Reality – App Development Is a Process

Are you looking for app development?  Do you have the next “big idea” that you want to show the world? This one fact is hard from some people to hear but here it is…app development is not cheap.

People Calgary mobile app developers every day with unreal budgets to build huge apps.  We love building apps but some expectations are unrealistic.

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Affordable Business Apps in a Mobile App Boom

Affordable Business AppsWhen should a business look at having an affordable business?  Unless you don’t have internet access or you are a caveman just thawed from a block of ice, you have probably have heard that the world has reached a point where mobile activity is at an all-time high.  A high that has surged past the desktop PC and laptop.  Businesses are trying desperately to move along with the trends and attempting to keep relevant with their customers and target markets. Many businesses are often left wondering how to best approach the “mobile surge” that seems to have no end in sight.

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6 Simple Reasons Why Every Restaurant Should Have A Food Ordering App

Food Ordering Apps- Vog Calgary App DeveloperDo you know the six simple reasons why every restaurant should have a food ordering app?

If you own a restaurant than you know that the more orders you have the better your business is.  However even if the orders are coming through over the phone there is an increasingly upward trend for people to order online.  Ordering online is faster, customers don’t need to talk to anyone and orders are exactly displayed the way customer ordered.  No incorrect orders are placed and there is a lot more time saved because the phones are ringing less.

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Bucars RV App Provides RVers The Help They Need On The Fly

Bucars RV App - Vog Calgary App DeveloperVog Calgary App Developer is pleased to announce the launch for the Bucars RV app.  Bucars RV, located in Balzac Alberta north of Calgary, Alberta, is one of the best places to purchase a RV.  Having personally been to Bucars and experienced the service first hand, I have to admit that Bucars RV is defiantly an amazing place.  Their slogan is “refreshingly different” which is surprisingly accurate when compared to other RV dealers I have visited.

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What Types of Apps Get Approved in iTunes

What Types of App Get Approved in iTunesThe VOG Calgary Mobile App Developer team has been really busy over the last few months building new apps and developing websites but we love every minute of it.  Now that the summer is here and we have a little time in our schedule a little update on the blog seems appropriate.  Everyday we get lots of emails from clients and interested people who are looking to have an app developed but sadly many people are unaware of certain requirements that we, VOG Apps, have to follow for a successful app approval.

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Team Sinclair Racing App

Sinclair Racing Mobile App Released For Chuckwagon Racing Fans

Team Sinclair Racing AppVog Calgary App Developer would like to congratulate Hugh Sinclair and the Sinclair racing team for becoming the first Chuckwagon racing team to have their very own team app.  The Team Sinclair app is a behind the scenes and front row ticket to everything that is Sinclair Racing!

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Apps For Small Business – Small Businesses Can Leverage The Power of Mobile Apps

Apps for Businesses - Small Business Apps Do you have a small business that could use an app?  Do you want to leverage the power and flexibility of a small business app?  Surprisingly enough not many business owners know that they can have a small business app which can be used by their customers.  Many business’ are understanding the importance of a website and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, however many businesses are being left behind because they are forgetting to also have an app for their customers.

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