Why You Should Use an HSE App for Workplace Safety

Drowning in too much paperwork at your job site? Is safety becoming a concern to you and your coworkers? Are you looking to implement an easy and efficient change to your safety practice? You’re not alone! Sadly, too many people don’t know what the solution to their workplace safety problem is. Check out a few of our thoughts on why a mobile app is the way to go.

Technology is always changing. If you look around today you’ll see that there’s always a latest new phone or a higher resolution TV. Even in the workplace there always seems to be a “better way” to do something but some companies can be a bit afraid to make the switch. So if the world is constantly changing, why wouldn’t the technology we use for our own safety change too? Here’s a few reasons to consider implementing a mobile safety system in your workplace as told by a Calgary App Developer.


Jumping back to the “which form do I fill out” subject, it can be super confusing to know what and when you have to fill out your safety forms in a day. As a Calgary mobile app development team, there are significantly less safety forms to fill out here compared to one of my landscaping jobs I had when I was a teenager. Using a mobile device, safety forms could be filled out and signed in a fraction of the time, not only saving time in the day to dedicate to your job, but also keeping paperwork down to a minimum. Apps could send you a push notification to fill out a safety sheet, store  documents digitally, and send/store them with your supervisor. All of this and more can be achieved with a mobile phone, making it a cost effective, smarter way to stay safe!

Work Alone

There are many jobs out there that can leave you in a work alone situation. Although some may pose more risks than others, it’s important to acknowledge that every work alone job has its risks. As an employer you want to be able to keep tabs on your employee and know that they are checking in on time, meeting their goals, and most importantly – safe. If you are in the travel and transport industry, a mobile app would allow your employer to know that you are reaching your destination safely, and could alert you of any potential risks or weather warnings along the way. If you are working somewhere remote, having an hourly check in system through a mobile app would alert the work site that you are still safe, and allow the work site to relay any special instructions, documents, or warnings to you immediately.

Simplifying Instruction

One of the cooler things we are doing here at Vog is creating Augmented Reality (AR) applications that can be used within an app. Consider the practical application something like that could hold in the workplace. I have seen some incredible apps that allow you to point your phone at a piece of machinery, then have the augmented reality application walk you through step by step how to safely operate the machine in real time. By mapping the machine and using a simple, user friendly layout, you could safely teach new employees how to operate equipment in an easy to digest, hands on, practical way.


There’s so many ideas and applications for using apps in the workplace. We have been fortunate enough to be working on a lot of these ideas but we know there are more out there. If you are interested in sharing your idea with a Calgary iPhone/Android app developer, please visit the Contact section of the site. Our team would love to discuss how we can make your workplace a little more safe through the power of a mobile app!