Vog Developer Account and Legal Requirements Form

In order to set up Developer Accounts with Apple and Google to submit your App to the App Store, Apple will need to call and verify who you are, and a few company details. Please provide the following information so we can begin your Apple Developer Account enrollment and prompt the phone call. Apple will typically phone sometime within 2 weeks of submission. Please also provide the other items required by our team to insure we have all the information needed to keep your project on schedule. Please return this information no later than 2 weeks upon receiving this link. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.
  • DUNS Numbers can be acquired through Dun and Bradstreet (DnB). To acquire a DUNS #, visit https://www.dnb.com/duns-number/get-a-duns.html and follow the instructions. Please Note: Choose the free option in DnB to acquire your DUNS # as you will typically receive it sooner than 30 days.
  • Please add the following information: - Bank Account Number - Transit Number - Bank Name - Branch Location - Account Holder Name - Account Holder Type (ex. corporation, individual, etc)
  • Please add the following information: - Individual or Organization Name - Country of Incorporation - Type of Beneficial Owner (ex. Corporation) - Residence Address - Mailing Address - Business Number (optional) - RT (optional)
  • Please upload a PDF of the terms of service that will be added to your application and website
  • Please upload a PDF of the privacy policy that will be added to your application and website
  • If Vog is building your marketing site and you would like to connect Analytics/Search Console, please specify the Google related account to add to the Analytics/Search Console Account. Please Note: The account must be a gmail/gsuite account in order to be added. If you do not wish for Vog to integrate Analytics/Search Console, please ignore this field.
  • Please provide the username/password of your Stripe account here. Alternatively, if you have two factor authentication enabled on the Stripe account, please add brandon@vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com to the Stripe Account as a team member. Information on how to do so available here: https://stripe.com/docs/dashboard/teams