Nurish By Design

Nurish By Design quickly discovered that by offering nutrition plans, they created a secondary revenue stream for their business while maintaining more clients. Meal plans allowed them to limit a client’s poor nutrition choices, which yielded better results. Better results meant clients re-signing for more personal training sessions!

The meal planner software allows people to quickly generate effective and precise meal plans that cater to the unique nutritional needs of each client. You can even communicate with your clients directly through the online program, potentially reducing the number of phone calls received at your office. This may also allow you to respond faster when a customer has a question, and you know that fast customer service is critical to client retention. Do you demand even more from your meal planner? Nurish by Design app will allow your customers to use the software as a progress tracking tool. They can upload progress pictures and record their weight, motivating themselves to keep following the plan. You can also use this information to adjust each client’s customized plan as needed.