Privacy Survey

  • Social Media is great for building our personal portfolio's and brands. However, we do respect employee privacy. Please choose if you would like to be tagged and mentioned in appropriate social media posts
  • If YES, please include all relevant social media handles you would like tagged. (Ex. Twitter - @vogappdevelopers)
  • We like to take pictures/create video of our awesome work environment, but respect that some people may not want to be included in those media pieces. Do you consent to being included in photos/media taken for the company social media?
  • Vog is proud of our employees and their accomplishments, and this in turn is how we advertise ourselves to our clients/prospects by showcasing who we are through a photo and written bio of your education/experience.
  • As we are local developers, we want to be able to provide a face with every name as clients come in and out of the office to meet with us. This includes on our website, as well as our formal proposals.