Matching Holiday Trends With Mobile Devices

Not sure if a mobile app is for you?  If you are still debating on the idea of owning a mobile app for your business, then maybe these helpful numbers will provide you with some decision making power.  The info-graph below has some real stats and info on the growth of the mobile industry.

Still considered in its infancy stage, the mobile industry is only going to grow exponential each year with no slow down in sight.  Interesting note found on the graph is that 1/3 users will make mobile purchases this year.  Even more amazing is the fact that 80% of  of smartphone shoppers are online buying products with their mobile devices.

Info Graph - Mobile Industry

The Power Of A Non-Profit Business App

Non Profit Business AppManaging a non-profit business can have a significant amount of challenges associated with it. However, the managing of members and updating close contacts can be managed with the power of a non-profit business app. How can a smartphone app be able to help a non-profit organization? An app can offer a non-profit business or association the ability to receive donations, display event schedules, update members and show videos, podcasts and blog info.

Let’s face it; donations are vital to a non-profits success. Without donations the usefulness and support a non-profit business provides can be greatly affected. So why not offer members and non-members the ease of providing a donation through your app? By providing a donation feature in your app, members can quickly donate to your non-profit organization without hassle or frustration. An app can make donations easy and quick to receive.

Along with receiving donations, a non-profit business app can display all the events your organization is putting on. The more people that know, the better turn out you will have. When you offer updates like event schedules on your app, members can quickly reference what, where and when while using turn by turn directions to the event locations that is built right into your events list.

Why not get your message out further and faster? As a non-profit business that needs help and awareness, using a non-profit business app to link to blogs, videos and podcasts will help gain awareness and recognition. The more informed your members are the better they will understand the issues associated with your non-profit business. Easier access to content, videos and blogs can also help your message go viral on the web much faster than a standard blog can offer.

Keep your members instantly updated on the latest news and issues your organization stands for. The number one key tool that a business app for a non-profit organization can offer is Push Notifications. Push Notifications allow you to instantly blast users of your app with short messages. The messages you send through your app will display as a text (SMS) message on their smartphone or mobile device. If you need to change venues on short notice or update followers with urgent news, a push notification is by far the fastest and most effective way to get the message out.

A non-profit business app does not have to be something that only a few businesses can afford. As a non-profit business owner, you too can have the positive benefits that a non-profit business app can offer. To find out more on the power of a non-profit business app use the contact form to learn more.

Mobile Apps for Business Marketing – Custom Business Marketing Mobile Apps

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Do mobile apps for business marketing help when companies are wanting to market to specific clients and customers?  Can custom mobile apps for business marketing be as or more effective then current marketing habits?

The success of a any business can be contributed to the overall effort and success for marketing that business.  What some business tend to forget is that the way to marketing and attracting new customers is not necessarily the same way it was years ago.

Thanks to the Internet and search engines like Google, people will research companies, restaurants, hotels and businesses prior to using that business themselves.  Along with the Internet, word of mouth marketing (viral marketing) is stronger then ever before.  It is a fact that consumers are smarter and more educated then years ago.

So how does a business thrive and succeed in this changing environment?  Do you pay thousands of dollars to push radio and TV ads?  Will Facebook and Twitter drive the traffic a new business is looking for?  The success of any business in today’s world is most effective when it can reach customers easily while providing free or discounted products and services.

With any business, the key is to get the customer to come to you.  That way marketing budgets are lower and the work of attracting customers is less.  What a business, small or large, needs is a simple and power marketing platform.  A platform that focuses on delivering effective messages to peak interest in potential customers.

One proven and effective way to attracting new customers is using the words free, sale, promo and discount.  For some reason or another we consumers love seeing those words.  On clothing racks, store windows, billboards and newspapers ads there is something we all enjoy about getting a deal.  Is it because we saved a few bucks?  Or is it because we know someone else is not getting that deal?


Think about Black Friday….

The day after the US thanksgiving holiday which millions of people push and shove one another while trying to get the best bargains and deals.  A day which retails cram every sign possible that says discount, promo, half off and sale on store shelves.

What if you took that same philosophy and applied it to your business?  Would you have more success?  The answer is Yes!  After all, the millions of retailers that use this tactic can’t be wrong.
So let’s say you know have a plan to attract customers by offering them something at a discounted or promotional price.  What next?  Well the next step is for a business to market that discount in a way that benefits both the customer and retailer.  This is where a mobile app for business marketing would be very effective.  By offering customers something for free or at a discount if they download and use your mobile business app.  An app which you can then use for marketing products and services to your customers all the time.

The key to using any mobile apps for business marketing is present your content in a manner that is for the user.  The app has to provide value and features which the user will want to use over and over.  Once a mobile app has features that benefit the user of that app, then marketing to customers who have that business app is relatively easy.

To find about more on mobile apps for business marketing please use the link provided.

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