Challenges of App Development

Developing an application is difficult, and has its challenges. While some of the difficulty falls on the developer, there are challenges faced by the business wanting to develop an application as well. What are these challenges you ask? Outlined below are 5 key challenges associated with app development.

The Idea

It all starts with an idea, but it also ends without one. Everything is moving digital, and when moving forward, you have to ask yourself “Is this something that would benefit people?” It’s a hard question to ask, but without a great idea that would be demanded by your target audience, you are unable to succeed. Mitigate this challenge through research; understand your target market and the competitive landscape before moving forward.

The Funding

Apps aren’t free. Not only does it take a great idea, the second challenge is getting funding. There are several different ways to fund a project, however, the two most common ways are a loan or personal funds. When getting a loan, ensure you have a business plan. This plan should outline the 5 W’s of your business. It should be detailed and concise. Not only should it help you feel confident going into the business venture, it will allow the bank to be confident in your plan. A business plan is a great way to build confidence and understanding.

The Platform

You have the idea, and the finances, now what? Well, you need to decide the platform. Your next challenge in app development is what platform this app is going to exist. Will it be iOS, google or android? This can be challenging because there are different costs associated with both. Additionally, choosing the platform often has bias. It is typical for a new business owner to choose the platform that suits what technology they currently have, with a disregard to technology that the target market uses.

The Marketing

Your marketing and app release need to align with each other. Without the alignment of the marketing strategy and the release date, the buzz associated with the marketing becomes useless. You could have an extraordinary app, but without the marketing, you won’t have downloads. Make sure when looking into app development that you have a marketing plan. This will ensure that your app succeeds after release.

The Improvements

Nothing is perfect the first time around. This is why apps always need updates. As a business owner, you will need to reflect and take feedback. Improvements can mean fixing small bugs within the app, but improvements can also be innovating to adapt to the changing world. Don’t be afraid to improve, because that is how you get left behind.

Final Thoughts on App Development

App development is challenging and requires forethought. This is why Vog is here to help. Vog is a Canadian company dedicated to helping you get ahead of the curve through innovation and collaboration. 

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