New SEO For Google’s Search Engine – Success of the Penguin Update

Google Penguin UpdateA week or two ago I read an interesting article that had posted.  The article was in regards to Google’s all out attack on people, companies and websites that try to “cheat” web-crawlers in order to gain better standings in the search engine rankings.

Having a fair share of knowledge in relation to this topic, I use to own a link building company, I found the article both interesting and questionable.  In the article Google claims that they are now using “smart” SEO to determine who should have more free traffic sent their way.  From my understanding, Google is moving away from links that lead back to websites and leaning towards websites that use Social Media to promote their products, services or whatever.

While continuing to read the article, I wondered if this article was indeed what Google was actually having success with.  After all, a human can easily “trick” a robot if one figures out a way to do so.  I guess the real question is, can Google create a system that is smarter then a person?  I do admire the attempt for Google to hammer down on those who were cheating the system (so to speak) and awarding those who submit quality content for people to enjoy.

However, with the new update Google has brought forward, old information from years ago is showing up in the top spots of many search engine rankings.  Most of this content is outdated, on websites that are poorly designed and have not been updated for a long time.  If this is the quality of the New SEO that Google is planning to bring forward then the overall integrity of that company will begin to erode.

On the flip side maybe, just maybe some of these outdated search results are part of the overall clean up of the search engine.  If Google’s Penguin update is as effective as they hope it is, then I look forward to seeing those who work hard get rewarded.  I would also like to see those who think they can “trick” the system get penalized badly for trying to cheat those who do offer quality content to the web surfer.

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How To Create An iPhone App For My Business

Are you a business that is looking for an affordable iPhone app?  Are you looking for help on how to create an iPhone app for your business?  Thankfully there are many ways to save money and build an app that represents your company or business.

So what exactly do you need to develop your very own business app?

First off, lets look at the advantages of having an app.  One huge advantage would be the ability to show your business on a mobile platform that is not necessarily friendly to most websites.  If you have viewed your website on a smartphone like iPhone, you will clearly see that your website does not fit so well on that small screen.  Having an app can help provide a better viewing experience for your customers and clients.

Next, that ability to send direct messages to your customers.  Having an app allows you to send instant text messages to your app users.  These messages are also known as Push Notifications and can have a huge impact your business.  When you create your own iPhone app you have full control on what your app users see.  Why pay to be on an app that is shared with other businesses when you can your very own?

Last of all, the features that can be added into an app are endless.  If you can think of a feature you want your users to be able to use, there is way to incorporate that feature into your business app.  Apps are simply the best way to get your customers attention while helping you save on marketing expenses.  Apps are by far the most effective marketing platform there is if used correctly.

Now that we have reviewed the advantages of owning a business app for your company, lets look at how to create an iPhone app for your business.

If you are serious and concerned with the look and style your app is going to have, then having a professional app developer build your app for you is a must.  However, business app development is much more affordable then you may think.  With Vog Developer Apps, you can build your own app and save money on your development costs.  If you have no experience at all, our App Developer membership allows business to build their own app on their own time.  This option is a great option if you are on a tight budget, but there are some additional costs.

If your a business who wants to build their own app, you will also need to apply for developer accounts with Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  Developer accounts are affordable and easy to set up if you choose this option.

With that said, if you prefer to have our professional team develop an app for you, we can.  Our team will build your app, add high resolution images, content, features and bundle it all up into a package which works with your budget.  Once your app is built, submitted to the app stores and approved we will show you how to manage your app with our post development tutorial.

Owning an iPhone app for business can be expensive if you choose the wrong company to work with.  Instead of risking your money, choose Vog Calgary App Developer and get the app that works for you not against you.

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41% Of Smartphone Owners Have Made A Purchase From Their Mobile Phone

Why Apps Are The Best Marketing Tool Companies Can Have

Apps are by far the most effective marketing tool any company can have.  So why are many companies slow to act when opportunity to own an app is right in front of them?  What is the reason for hesitation?

Understandably, there is always a little caution used when looking at different ways to market ones company.  You, the company owner, want to insure that our dollars are used in the most effective manor possible.  With that said, owning an app is actually very affordable and provides an amazing ROI (return on income) shortly after the app is made live.

Affordable App DevelopmentWhat makes an app the best marketing tool for any company is the flexibility that apps have. Unlike a website, apps are easy to view on a smartphone or smart device.  Apps also provide information in a different manor versus a website and apps also have a personal connection with the app user.  Something websites are unable to achieve.
As users download apps, an app becomes apart of that users life.  They rely on that app for quick information, help and entertainment.  From a companies view point, having the ability to market products, services and help to that app user at anytime or any day means that app user is a customer for life.  Something any company would love to have but rarely gets.

As the app market continues to explode, the need for businesses to use this type of media is essential to staying ahead of the competition.  Over the next few years, the rate of businesses apps appearing in app stores will sore and with that so will the price to develop these apps.  The basic supple versus demand problem will push app development costs up.

Although there are many different ways to develop any app it is important to find a developer or company that will stand by you for years to come.  If your company needs an app that represents products and services, the Vog Calgary App Developer would love to help you learn more about this amazing tech tool.

You can get more info regarding apps and development costs when you visit Apps Are The Best Marketing Tool.