How Much Does It Cost To Have An App Built?

[twitter url=”” style=”horizontal” size=”large” float=”right”] How much does it cost to have an app built for a business looking to connect with their customers?

Building an app can be very expensive.  In fact, web designers, app developers and web content creators will charge anywhere between $80-$120 per hour.  Considering that most apps can take anywhere from one week to 3 months to build, the costs for an app can add up quickly.

On the low range a typical app with with images and content supplied by the customer costs around $2000-$3000.  App developments that required back end access, content upload and image scaling can cost upwards of $4000 or more.  Game apps can exceed $100,000 or more easily but can be a good return on income if the game goes viral (think Angry Birds).

The answer to “how much does it cost to have an app built?” really comes down to what you want the app to do.  When doing some research on other companies and web developers, Vog Calgary Apps found that the average rate for most apps developed for small and medium businesses was around $3000.  A bit high in comparison to our pricing for app development but fair when considering the amount of work that is needed.

Since we are still adding content to our portfolio, a few emails have been sent to us asking what our apps typically look like.  Since all companies are different, no two apps will be exactly the same.  However, we did find a great app that looks a lot like the apps we design for businesses.  That app is the Obama app.

During the 2012 presidential election in the US, President Barack Obama campaign had an app developed which provided more information about the president and is stance on many political views.

The type of app the Obama campaign used is called a table app.   A table app has many features which the app user can scroll through.  Features like maps, info, twitter and social media connections, etc.

If you are a business or own a company that wants an app which represents your company, then this is the type of app Vog Calgary App will have built for you.  Table style apps are very effective apps for providing quick and useful information to the user.  These types of apps are hugely liked with Apple because of the friendliness and usefulness it provides to the app user.

The Vog Calgary Apps team suggests to check out the Obama app and see what you think.  Remember, Vog Apps builds unique apps for each and every company and we only suggest the Obama app as a visual aid for the type of app we can design for you or your company.

To finish off, our response to the question “How Much Does It Cost To Have An App Built?” is in our pricing.  Just because our packages are affordable doesn’t mean we are cheap on features.

The Vog Blog Team