Why US Companies Should Get Software Development Services in Canada

From that application on your smartphone to major computer programs, your project has the best chance of success if you hire the right professionals to work with you. As neighbours and close friends, the USA and Canada have established the largest trading relationship in the world. If you are in the USA, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a software development company in Canada:

Exchange Rate & Lower Corporate Taxes

Our services are charged in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Today, this represents savings of around 30% for those who trade USD/CAD! Moreover, Canada has one of the lowest global tax rates. The exchange rate and corporate taxes are at the top of this list for a reason. As a business, we totally understand how exciting this is!

Time Zone

Our time zone is Mountain Time (MT), which allows us to serve you during your local time since we have only a couple of hours difference with most of US time zones.
Timezone Canada USA


We have worked with companies across the border as well as from other provinces around Canada. Moreover, we are experts in what we do, and we deliver quality software no matter where our client lives. The diversity of our employees is incredibly compelling as it brings to the table people with different backgrounds and outstanding problem-solving skills. We work with our clients every step of the way, from development to execution.


We are geographically connected. Vog is located in Calgary, Alberta. It means that we are a short flight away from most cities in the USA and it is a pleasure to have the chance to visit our clients. Needless to say, we are also pleased to get visits from our clients! Our partners are always welcome to come to our office, have some Timmy’s, and enjoy the opportunity to spend a delightful time at the stunning Rocky Mountains. It’s only a 2-hours drive from Calgary!
Mountains in Canada


English is our official language. For this reason, communication is not a problem, and social behaviours and cues are similar. Furthermore, for those who are in the USA looking for services offered by a Canadian company, it’s simple to have access to information like who is the owner of the company, who is part o the team, who are their clients. There is also a big chance that you may be connected on LinkedIn, directly or indirectly, with someone who works on a Canadian company like ours.


Do you know what third parties are saying about the company you are planning to hire? To find out how reliable the company you are planning to hire is, ask for referrals that you can easily contact. Every company you do business with should have an excellent reputation as your business will be related to theirs. You want a competent company that can create a positive experience not only when building a relationship with you but also when creating the user experience your customers deserve.

Business Canada USA

If you are excited about getting Software Development Services, here are another 5 benefits of doing business in Canada. At Vog, we are proud to work with an outstanding team of iOS, Android, and web developers, as well as project managers, project coordinators and a customer success manager to deliver efficient and reliable software.

If you are looking to recruit talented professionals, how about considering us as a partner? Contact us today and find out what are the skills and talents that will successfully and competently get your project delivered.