Apps For Small Business – Small Businesses Can Leverage The Power of Mobile Apps

Apps for Businesses - Small Business Apps Do you have a small business that could use an app?  Do you want to leverage the power and flexibility of a small business app?  Surprisingly enough not many business owners know that they can have a small business app which can be used by their customers.  Many business’ are understanding the importance of a website and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, however many businesses are being left behind because they are forgetting to also have an app for their customers.

What can an app do for a small business?  First off, unlike a mobile website which many businesses have an app provides a more user friendly experience then a mobile website.  An app is specifically designed and formatted to function on a smartphone or tablet unlike a mobile website which usually lacks luster and is low on information that users are looking for.

Small business apps allow businesses to offer coupons, promotions and offers directly to their customers.  Which can dramatically cut down advertising costs and coupon offers while increasing bottom line numbers?  For example, websites that offer coupons like Groupon will take a 15% cut from all sales.  Now considering that a business is already offering a product less than advertised along with the 15% take a coupon site claws back, a business is actually paying for customers rather than gaining any new benefit from those customers.  Sure there is the chance that a customer will return but stats show that places like Groupon sell mostly to customers who have already visited that business which means very few new customers.

So how does a small business app change that?

A small business app provides the tools that a business can use to build coupons and promo offers right into the app.  From there that small business can instantly notify its customers with the app that there are new offers.   This notification feature is called a Push Notification and is becoming one of the more easily yet powerful ways to directly communicate with customers. This in turn attracts customers back to that business where they take advantage of the savings.

Apps For Small Business

Small business apps provide a marketing avenue which is less expensive than any other type of media.  How affordable is an app for marketing to customers?  Let’s do the math!

Full page add in a local paper – $700 – $2000 (one day, chance your customers do not read the paper)

Advertisement on TV –        $3000-$10,0000 (30 second ad, chance your customers are not watching TV)

Advertisement on Radi0 –   $1200 – $5000 (dependent on time slots and number of times ad is mentioned, chance that your customers are not listening at that time)

Flyers –            $1000 up        (dependent on amount of flyers, one time mail drop, chance your flyer does straight to the garbage)

Small Business App From Vog Calgary App Developer –  Unlimited Push Notifications, unlimited coupon generation and a 97% effective read rate (read rate: how often someone will read the message, email or communication they receive)

If you are a small business that is burning through their marketing budget and don’t see a huge return, than an app is for you.  If you are spending money on flyers that are not getting to your customers on time or effectively, an app is for you.  If you are tired of spending huge amounts of dollars for a one day marketing campaign, you defiantly need an app.

It does not matter if your business is new or old, big or small, a business app will attract more customers for less marketing.  To find out more on how a small business app can help you please contact us.