How Companies Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

Business Apps - Vog Calgary App DeveloperA question we often hear at Vog Calgary App Developer is how can a company benefit from having a mobile app? Many companies feel that their website and email marketing is providing the best coverage for gathering online traffic.  In fact, some companies even have a social media manager or director who solely works social networking sites by promoting that company in updates and ads.  However powerful these methods are the world of marketing and reaching customers is always changing and there is where an app is the most beneficial.

When we talk about apps to our clients many of them think of apps like Angry Birds or an app that provides entertainment.  But our apps are much different because Vog Calgary Apps are apps that provide a service to customers.  Features which websites cannot offer and options that Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are overcrowded with.  If you have a business that has customers then your business would greatly benefit from having an app.  However, for an app to be successful there has to be a problem that a Vog Calgary App can solve.

For example, our team built an app for a customer who wants to spend less time organizing teams for a recreational sport.  This client was tired of chasing down teams, captains and contacts to find out if they would play in the upcoming season.  With the help of our team, we built an app which represents the company he owned but also gave teams and players a way find out about upcoming games, league news and contact info on the mobile phone.  Aside from those features, we also help provide game locations and GPS navigation to those sport areas where the games would be played.  The feedback we got was great because of the success and usefulness the app has.

Another example of a useful app was for a local restaurant who wanted to have an app to send promos and coupons.  The app allows the restaurant to provide coupons through a feature in the app while costing the restaurant nothing for providing those coupons.  Most businesses that use coupons or places like Groupon know that coupons are not cheap and often are more of a headache than anything else.  With that said we built an app that provided reservation booking, coupons and promo offers, info of the menu and history of the restaurant, a food cam which allows customers to take pictures of their food and friends, a gallery for delicious menu items and other features that represented the restaurant as a fun family place.  The best feature that this restaurant uses the most is the Push Notifications feature which allows that restaurant to send instant text messages to customers to inform them about events, reservation openings and the latest deals and coupons.

Business Apps - Vog Calgary App DeveloperUnlike a website or mobile website that many businesses have, a mobile app provides a far more effective and easy to navigate tool.  Since most mobile websites do not show case the business as well as an app, companies without an app are losing out.

Any business or company can benefit from a mobile app because mobile apps make interaction with products and services more interesting and engaging.  Interesting and engaging are two factors that 99% of websites do not offer.  Last of all, apps are cool and fun while providing that “WOW” factor that mobile website seem to lack.

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