“I know this app guy you should go see” – Warning, Warning, Warning

Warning – do not listen to your friends when they tell you then know an “app guy” that might be able to help you.  Friends are great for hanging out and drinking beer with.  As a trusted friend, we take what they say with a lot of value. However our friends are not always as informed as we need them to be. It’s important to pick the right Calgary Mobile App Developer yourself, not just because a friend told you to:

As mobile app developers, we continue to see a surge in clients who went to see an “app guy” for their app idea only to get taken for thousands of dollars.  Don’t just trust your money to any “guy” because  you were referred to them.  You have to know what to ask before hiring a mobile app developer.

Ask questions like…

  1. Do you have portfolio of apps you have developed?
  2. Can you provided references of clients you have worked with?
  3. What apps have you developed for yourself?

A honest and reputable app developer will be able to answer these questions easily.  If an app developer tells you they develop apps for companies and have no apps to show you…avoid them at all costs.  A true app developer will have plenty of apps to show you.

For many of our clients, the excitement of mobile app development causes temporary delay in alertness. This delay in alertness causes the client to brush of the warning signs that something is not right. Some of our clients have told us that they where promised exactly what they wanted with very little feedback. FYI – As an app developer, we want your app to be successful which is why we always suggest features, options and ideas to make your app better.  If an app developer is not helping make your app idea or concept better then they are not going to make sure your app succeeds.  Sadly, they just want your money.

Avoid the “app guy” referral from friends and talk to a legitimate business who understands  mobile app development.   By choosing a reputable mobile app developer  like VOG Calgary App Developer you won’t get caught in a bad contract and out of pocket costs in the thousands.