Need a Calgary App Developer? Simple Tips that Help You Find the Right Developer for Your Project

What to Look for in a Calgary App Developer – High Quality Apps

Before hiring a Calgary app developer, you want to make sure they offer outstanding service. It means that they should create an outstanding app that users want to use all the time. They must also put the idea for your app through a vetting process so that they can streamline the idea down the road. Only then, they should start out building the app itself. Their staff should have decades of combined experience and diverse skill sets that will allow them to expertly tailor their services to match each one of your mobile needs in no time.

Wide Range of Services

They should offer anything from a la carte set to full-service engagements helping you launch your app as quickly as humanly possible. They should have experts at mobile, digital design as well as branding, planning and strategy services. Creating astonishing and engaging designs for your icons and mobile apps is something they should do very well. Your app’s user interface must be innovate and intuitive as well. These mobile experts should give you ideas on why your app is needed and the reasons why it will be a success once launched.

Beyond Design

The mobile firm that you hire must go beyond mobile design and business plan challenging your assumptions if needed. Moreover, they should work hand-in-hand with you taking your initial concept and merging it with the right things. They should also give you a detailed description on the things that your app will do and the way it will work over time. Calgary mobile app developers should also use the latest standards and technologies to optimize and build your mobile app appropriately. Remember that your app should be both pretty and intuitive.

The Right Interface for the Right Device

An app developer should design your app in such as way that it looks awesome on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. In addition, they should have quality assurance testers and project managers that will help them build the successful app you want. No request should be too big for them, and they should scale-up the project if challenges and tight deadlines arise down the road. Since you need to focus your attention on the bottom line rather than the development of your mobile app, the mobile development company that you hire should run truly on your schedule.

On Time Updates

You should receive an update on the mobile project at least once every week. These updates are very important because they will allow you to make sure that your project is on track. Remember that you should be well informed all the time, and they should communicate with you through the channels that you prefer. You should make sure they have tons of experience launching apps and implementing the right strategy to make successful mobile projects. They should let you know about the right strategy to use so as to get the most ROI out of the mobile app.


Cost is always important for any project.  After all, you want to build an app that looks great but functions perfect at a cost that works with your budget.  With most app developers, a fixed price for a project is provided.  A fixed price for a project allows you to know exactly how much your app will cost, even if the developer takes longer that promised.  Then there are those companies that charge based on a per hour fee.  Paying on a per hour basis can save money upfront but cost you down the road.  In most cases, you will run over your project budget going the per hour price.  The reason for this is simple…every time you make a change, talk to the developer or the developer needs to figure our “bugs” in the app you have to pay for it.  When it comes to keeping your project within budget it is always better to choose a fixed price for development.

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