Mental Health Week in Canada: Let’s #GetLoud

Did you know that in one week more than 500,000 employed Canadians will not be able to go to work because of mental illness? It’s #MentalHealthWeek in Canada. Let’s #GetLoud ? Depression is among the leading causes of disability worldwide. Workplaces are ideal places to promote mental health.

We can only achieve a healthy, respectful and supportive work environment by taking action together. So, today, we want to talk about what employers and employees can do to contribute to positive psychological health and safety at the workplace. As an employer, you can:

  1. Encourage employee participation and decision-making
  2. Clearly define employees’ duties and responsibilities
  3. Promote work-life balance
  4. Encourage and model respectful behaviours
  5. Manage workloads
  6. Provide training and learning opportunities
  7. Have conflict resolution practices in place
  8. Recognize employees’ contributions effectively

We all must be aware that it’s not only the employer’s responsibility to make sure you have a healthy workplace environment. Here’s is what you can do as an employee:

  1. Balance: Engage in open communication with your supervisor, family and friends to help manage the balance between work and personal demands.
  2. Civility & Respect: Show esteem, care and consideration. Respect the perspective of others. Acknowledge each person’s dignity.
  3. Clear Leadership & Expectations: Ensure you understand what is being asked of you by maintaining good two-way communication. Strive to clarify any issues that arise.
  4. Engagement: Make a reasonable effort to get involved in events or activities taking place in your workplace.
  5. Growth and Development: Be proactive and seek out opportunities to improve your skills and competence.
  6. Involvement and Influence: Share your opinion when asked. Offer alternatives and solutions in a way that respects the ideas and opinions of others.
  7. Organizational Culture: Try to be understanding of co-workers’ concerns. Consider how your behaviour could impact the psychological health and safety of your colleagues.
  8. Protection of Physical Safety: Ensure that management is made aware of any hazards.
  9. Psychological and Social Support: If you notice someone is struggling, take time to approach them.
  10. Psychological Demands: Make a list of demands that may require additional support and discuss with your supervisor. Seek out guidance from someone who has learned to manage similar demands.
  11. Psychological Protection: Speak up when you witness violent, aggressive, or inappropriate behaviours or actions.
  12. Recognition and Reward: Take the time to recognize and appreciate others for their efforts and contributions.
  13. Workload Management: Create a workplace plan and discuss with your manager or supervisor.

Mental health is everyone’s business. For this reason, we shine a spotlight on the great tools that the Government of Canada provide for preventing and addressing workplace mental health issues. Check out this video explaining how your business can benefit from implementing #StandardCda:

We all need healthy and supportive places to work, live and learn. Let’s talk about it to raise awareness of the importance of well-being and find balance in this fast-paced world.