LaunchPad by Vog: Software Development Dev-to-Dev Mentorship & Training

Seeing a gap in the market for software development training programs, Vog is taking action and is launching a program that moves junior developers to the intermediate level in only 16 weeks. LaunchPad by Vog comes to the fore with Vog’s passion for on-the-job skills-based training.

How Recruits Benefit From It

On-the-job experience plays a pivotal role in bridging the skill gap and keeping Recruits on the cutting edge of industry needs. Companies are looking for developers who know how to adapt to business practices and develop great code. For this reason, our program is designed to improve the skills and knowledge Recruits don’t learn in most classrooms.

LaunchPad Programs

Back End Web Developer Program

Improve your understanding and development skills with OOP and work with languages designed for easy adaptation.

Front End Web Developer Program

Advance your front end skills with modern JavaScript frameworks such as React & dive in to front end technology stacks you need to land a job in 2020.

Android Developer Program

Learn a functional programming language that uses type inference and is null safe. Kotlin includes features that Java lacks, such as extension functions, coroutines, data classes and smart casting.

iOS Developer Program

Use Xcode and start protocol-oriented programming and boost your knowledge on deploying, testing and releasing apps with Swift 5

How Local Businesses Benefit From It

LaunchPad solves companies’ recruitment problems by finding the right fit for job openings, increasing employee retention, and drastically lowering recruitment costs. Partners can:

  • See firsthand the skills and competencies Recruits are building.
  • Connect directly and meet Recruits while they train to join the Partner company.
  • Have the Partner company branding included with promotional materials identifying you as a supporter of programs.
  • Access intermediate developers who are tested thoroughly to exceed the Partner company hiring needs.
  • Cut costs from the Partner company recruitment budget.
  • Gain knowledgeable LaunchPad Recruits who will add value and integrity to the Partner company.

Throughout the LaunchPad Programs, Recruits become industry ready with practical application knowledge and qualifications verified by us, a consolidated software development firm.

Work placement is an integral component of all programs. For this reason, we rely on our Partners in the industry and community to make it happen. Do you want to be part of this?


LaunchPad is committed to helping Recruits achieve their full potential. Recruits and Partners’ success is LaunchPad’s success!