Small Businesses Looking for Professional App Development Companies

Like it or not, if a small business wants to remove the word “small” from its name then it better keep up with the latest technology. These small businesses will have to let go of the old ways of doing business and marketing, and will have to step into the latest mobile era.  If potential customers are using their mobile devices practically every hour during a day,  then developing an app is the key to reaching those customers. Development of apps is easier said than done but here are few pointers to consider.

1. Understand the difference between app developer and professional app development companies

An app without purpose is as good as none. There are professional app development companies out there that will design the app exactly as you request.  There are also professional app development companies that will fail to see your idea clearly and fail to meet your original intentions for app development. Both of these scenarios will fail.  The inherit problem with many app developers is that they do not understand your business.  Many, if not most, will not take the time to understand your business and the learn how to add value to your app.  A true professional app development company will provide solutions to problems that are faced in your day to day operations.

What’s the biggest difference between an app developer and a professional app development company?  The answer is a professional development company will improve on your original app idea and add features that provide a better user experience.  A local Calgary mobile app developer will only develop an app based on your feedback and fail to offer any feedback.

2. Keep your app easy to use

These days business is all about efficiency and accuracy however people always prefer an easy to use time saving app over a complicated one.  An app must be easy to use and navigate but that doesn’t equate to having a boring app. A simple tip is to make it unique and make it stand out. Most times a unique and fun app helps businesses to get noticed.   The biggest mistake a business can make is to copy another app.  Don’t copy, clone or rehash another app as it simply doesn’t offer any value to your company.

3. Cost matters

Keep in mind that your business is small now. A costly app may get you an audience, but will your ROI is expected to be slow. Providing a free app at the time of a launch is an effective marketing technique. Once people get hooked to the app implementing subscription offers, in app purchases or revenue generating features can be beneficial.  The easiest way to keep app development costs under control is to select the right mobile app developer.  Avoid app developers that charge by the hour as you will never know how much you may actually pay.  Avoid app developers that charge you to fix their mistakes (bugs) and never sign a contract that does not have a set cost for the development of your app.  Being aware of the costs prior to starting a project will insure that costs don’t quickly run out of control.  Last of all, research the people you talk to.  Find out who they are and are they a legitimate person to work with.  Use search engines to research the people behind the companies so you can be fully informed of who you are dealing with.  Last of all, don’t hire anyone who claims to be a “guru” as this is a major red flag.  A person who has to declare they are a guru is only going to cost you a lot of money and headaches.


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