The Beginner’s Guide to Entering the App Market

Ever wanted to enter the app market but just aren’t sure how to do it? You might not know everything and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, it’s important to make sure that whenever your money is in question that you’re not going in blind.  Here are a few ideas to get you on your way:

There are absolutely people out there who have the finances to back an app’s creation but just don’t have any ideas. Personally I’m a bit jealous of them as I find myself with quite the opposite problem. As a Calgary App Developer we have shaken hands with many people like this and they happen to be fantastic, long term, clients (since we are all about ideas and apps) :). Sometimes we can help you to find an app solution to a problem you have in your business, other times we help you find someone else who might benefit from your support. The point is there are many ways to get involved in the app market than JUST thinking of your own app ideas.


1. The Whole Package

This is the standard, conventional type of developer to client relationship that everyone thinks is the only way you’ll ever chat with a developer. You come in, you pitch the idea for us to build, and you have the finances to support it. Very straightforward yet effective because it works. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the “complete package” when it comes to apps. We love these clients because of their creativity, as well as their driven attitude to get things done. We work together with a client like this to add our own critiques, plan every step of the way, and ultimately create a finished, polished product that is exactly what you wanted it to be.


2. So Many Ideas – So Little Capital

Most people do not conventionally see this type of individual as a client but at VOG Calgary, these people are absolutely fantastic clients. If you’re someone who has tons of great app ideas and not enough money to turn it into a reality that doesn’t mean your dream app has to always be a dream. There are many different types of funding, loans, and investors who are always looking to back an idea machine (you) for their next investment. We don’t advertise ourselves to be a company that unites money with ideas, but sometimes it takes a gentle push of two people in the right direction to get the next big app under development. Never be discouraged about going to see a developer just because you don’t have the income right now. Leading a consultation with “I have a fantastic idea and would love some direction about how to turn it into a reality” is a completely acceptable way of furthering your dream app, and establishing a good relationship with a developer. A developer who cares will definitely take the time to answer all those questions as best as they can!


3. The Curiosity of the Worthwhile Investment

This type of client is a problem I wish I had, enough finances to back an app project or two, but no ideas. It may sound silly to other new developers but these clients do exist and we absolutely love them! There are a couple ways to help out an individual with this problem.

1) You can set them to become an investor

If you or perhaps one of your idea machine clients have an app worth investing in, these type of clients are the ones you need to show up at your door. There are so many investors out there who just want to hear other people’s good ideas and then invest accordingly into its success. It goes into the whole right brain left brain thing that I won’t get into.. some people are creative, others are analytical and can spot a good opportunity. Both sides are absolutely necessary for success in the app market.

2) Help them with their own idea

There are many factors at play when it comes to creativity. Some people just need a little push for their own idea, and others may genuinely be stuck. Regardless of the situation it can all go back to my previous blog post regarding coming up with your own app idea which can be simply stated as Solving a Problem. Sometimes sitting down with a client who is unsure of their idea and hashing out their work routines, challenges, and dilemmas, can lead to the discovery of a problem that an app may be able to solve. Begin by thinking about what it is you encounter in your daily life no matter the circumstance and begin to think about what sort of problems you run into. You can read more about Creating your own App Idea here.

A Final Thought

The point of this blog post was to shed some light on some of the potential options to get involved in the app market, as well as stimulate things to ask your developer when you meet for a consultation. It’s never a good excuse to simply say “I don’t have an good ideas” or “I’ll never afford it” especially if you never try. A good developer can be more than just the app builder, they can help point you in the right direction of whatever need you might have. If you are at all interested in entering the app market, our talented team of Calgary Mobile App Developers would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can meet your needs and solve your problems. Visit the Contact section of the website and we will work towards setting up a time to chat about your entrance into the app market!