Expectation vs Reality – App Development Is a Process

Are you looking for app development?  Do you have the next “big idea” that you want to show the world? This one fact is hard from some people to hear but here it is…app development is not cheap.

People Calgary mobile app developers every day with unreal budgets to build huge apps.  We love building apps but some expectations are unrealistic.

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Mobile Apps for Business Marketing – Custom Business Marketing Mobile Apps

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Do mobile apps for business marketing help when companies are wanting to market to specific clients and customers?  Can custom mobile apps for business marketing be as or more effective then current marketing habits?

The success of a any business can be contributed to the overall effort and success for marketing that business.  What some business tend to forget is that the way to marketing and attracting new customers is not necessarily the same way it was years ago.

Thanks to the Internet and search engines like Google, people will research companies, restaurants, hotels and businesses prior to using that business themselves.  Along with the Internet, word of mouth marketing (viral marketing) is stronger then ever before.  It is a fact that consumers are smarter and more educated then years ago.

So how does a business thrive and succeed in this changing environment?  Do you pay thousands of dollars to push radio and TV ads?  Will Facebook and Twitter drive the traffic a new business is looking for?  The success of any business in today’s world is most effective when it can reach customers easily while providing free or discounted products and services.

With any business, the key is to get the customer to come to you.  That way marketing budgets are lower and the work of attracting customers is less.  What a business, small or large, needs is a simple and power marketing platform.  A platform that focuses on delivering effective messages to peak interest in potential customers.

One proven and effective way to attracting new customers is using the words free, sale, promo and discount.  For some reason or another we consumers love seeing those words.  On clothing racks, store windows, billboards and newspapers ads there is something we all enjoy about getting a deal.  Is it because we saved a few bucks?  Or is it because we know someone else is not getting that deal?


Think about Black Friday….

The day after the US thanksgiving holiday which millions of people push and shove one another while trying to get the best bargains and deals.  A day which retails cram every sign possible that says discount, promo, half off and sale on store shelves.

What if you took that same philosophy and applied it to your business?  Would you have more success?  The answer is Yes!  After all, the millions of retailers that use this tactic can’t be wrong.
So let’s say you know have a plan to attract customers by offering them something at a discounted or promotional price.  What next?  Well the next step is for a business to market that discount in a way that benefits both the customer and retailer.  This is where a mobile app for business marketing would be very effective.  By offering customers something for free or at a discount if they download and use your mobile business app.  An app which you can then use for marketing products and services to your customers all the time.

The key to using any mobile apps for business marketing is present your content in a manner that is for the user.  The app has to provide value and features which the user will want to use over and over.  Once a mobile app has features that benefit the user of that app, then marketing to customers who have that business app is relatively easy.

To find about more on mobile apps for business marketing please use the link provided.

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The App Revolution…Bigger Then The Birth Of The Internet?

Could a case be made that the app revolution is bigger then the birth of the Internet?  Another case could be made that the sharp incline of new emerging apps would be a front runner in race between the birth of the Internet and the role of smart phone apps.

If you have not heard of the app revolution…then you just did.  The app revolution, as some are calling it, is the ever increasing amount of new and useful apps and app features.  Like the birth of the Internet,  companies and individuals are jumping on board to take advantage of this trend.  A trend that has no sign of slowing down.

Unlike it predecessor, the website, mobile apps are now becoming the go-to form of media and customer interaction.  If you have a smartphone then you know that 95% of all websites are difficult to view from a smart phone screen.  Often you need to zoom in with difficulty and website navigation is choppy and confusing.  In my own experience, viewing a website on a smartphone is rather difficult causing me to go to my laptop instead.  In some cases, I may just give up completely.

So how did we get here?

Our society is ever evolving and the needs of our society are constantly changing.  15 years ago, having a cell phone meant that anyone could contact you instantly.  You could leave the office or home but still be available if needed.  A huge leap forward considering previous cell phones were large and overbearing.  Carrying around a cell phone in your pocket was a concept that was amazing and intriguing.


Now lets jump ahead 5 years later…
Text messaging becomes more popular and widely used.  In fact, cell phone providers never intended text messaging to become as big as it has.  Many providers had to quickly upgrade networks and infrastructure to accommodate the spike in data usage.  From a personal experience, my text message plan was free when I got my first mobile phone.  The sales guy showed me that my phone could send texts but his response to that option was “why would anyone type a message when they can just call”.   Instead of calling, society has chosen to send brief instant messages instead.  Some may say the personal connections that were once formed from talking on the phone have dulled.  Others will say it makes it easier to communicate what your feeling without awkwardness.  Either way, text messaging changed our daily communication with one another.

Then along came the smartphone…

The birth place of the smartphone can be traced all the way back to the early years of cell phones, around 1993.  However smartphones were more commonly used for enterprise application rather then consumer use.  Since these early version smartphones were very expensive, owning one for everyday use did not make sense.

When Apple inc launched the first iPhone around 2007 the world once again made a huge jump forward.  Unlike earlier cell phones, the iPhone could do more for the user.  You could download “apps” or applications which made using the phone easier.  These apps also became useful for everyday problem solving and daily living.  As newer versions of the iPhone were launched, more app developers came online developing apps.

Present day is seeing the upward trend of new apps and app features.  Developing apps for companies like Apple and Google has become more streamlined.  This streamlining has made it easier to submit apps for upload and disbursement to clients and customers.  Game apps like Angry Birds have become household names and entertainment for the whole family.

If you have a smartphone then you know that there is practically an app for anything.  Since tool apps have become saturated, an app revolution of company and business apps is occurring right now with no signs of slowing down.  As companies begin to see the possibilities an app offers to both customers and the company, more and more business apps are emerging.

As the app revolution continues to warp ahead faster then the Star Trek enterprise, you have to ask yourself if you want to be left behind or warp ahead of everyone else

Thanks for reading….

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