New SEO For Google’s Search Engine – Success of the Penguin Update

Google Penguin UpdateA week or two ago I read an interesting article that had posted.  The article was in regards to Google’s all out attack on people, companies and websites that try to “cheat” web-crawlers in order to gain better standings in the search engine rankings.

Having a fair share of knowledge in relation to this topic, I use to own a link building company, I found the article both interesting and questionable.  In the article Google claims that they are now using “smart” SEO to determine who should have more free traffic sent their way.  From my understanding, Google is moving away from links that lead back to websites and leaning towards websites that use Social Media to promote their products, services or whatever.

While continuing to read the article, I wondered if this article was indeed what Google was actually having success with.  After all, a human can easily “trick” a robot if one figures out a way to do so.  I guess the real question is, can Google create a system that is smarter then a person?  I do admire the attempt for Google to hammer down on those who were cheating the system (so to speak) and awarding those who submit quality content for people to enjoy.

However, with the new update Google has brought forward, old information from years ago is showing up in the top spots of many search engine rankings.  Most of this content is outdated, on websites that are poorly designed and have not been updated for a long time.  If this is the quality of the New SEO that Google is planning to bring forward then the overall integrity of that company will begin to erode.

On the flip side maybe, just maybe some of these outdated search results are part of the overall clean up of the search engine.  If Google’s Penguin update is as effective as they hope it is, then I look forward to seeing those who work hard get rewarded.  I would also like to see those who think they can “trick” the system get penalized badly for trying to cheat those who do offer quality content to the web surfer.

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