Vog Apps Thanks 99Designs.ca For Logo

[twitter style=”vertical” related=”https://twitter.com/CalgaryAppDev” size=”large” float=”left”] Vogcalgaryappdeveloper.com thanks our friends over at 99designs.ca for creating a cool looking logo for our website.  Our new logo and Vog, our company ambassador, would like to put out a special thanks to logo designer Vian Stef.

99Designs.ca is a logo design company which posts jobs from website developers and companies who are looking for a new logo or website template.  Once you complete out a few questions and submit your request, creative artists submit their ideas and images.  The really cool part about 99designs.ca is that you can choose which logos you would like and which you can refuse.  Usually after a few days of going back and forth with many different designers, you will have what you are looking for.

We here at Vog Calgary App Developer would like to tip our hat to the hard working folks over at 99designs.ca and hope to do more business down the road with that great company.

Thanks guys


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