Vog Calgary App Developer Launches Chalks/Chill Billiards App

Chalks Chill App - Vog Calgary App DeveloperVog Calgary App Developer is pleased to announce the launch of the Chalks Chill Billiards app.  The Chalks Chill Billiards app was designed for Al Lalani, owner of both Chalks and Chill Billiard Halls.  This app was exciting for the Vog Calgary App Developer team because of the feedback we received from Al.

Al was amazing because he allowed our team to take full creative control of the functionality and appearance aspect of the app.

Why did Al want an app to begin with?  Chalks and Chill are two very busy businesses to operate.  Al, along with help from his staff, works tirelessly to keep the day to day operations running smoothly.  Since Chalks and Chill both offer in-house pool leagues, Al was looking for a more efficient way to communicate with weekly pool players.  The Vog Apps team showed Al how a smartphone app could provide a direct communication link to all his league pool players while offering the latest information, events and promos to anyone who downloads the Chalks Chill App.

The Vog Apps team would like to thank Al and congratulate him on the new Chalks Chill App.