What Types of Apps Get Approved in iTunes

What Types of App Get Approved in iTunesThe VOG Calgary Mobile App Developer team has been really busy over the last few months building new apps and developing websites but we love every minute of it.  Now that the summer is here and we have a little time in our schedule a little update on the blog seems appropriate.  Everyday we get lots of emails from clients and interested people who are looking to have an app developed but sadly many people are unaware of certain requirements that we, VOG Apps, have to follow for a successful app approval.

Through the scores of emails we get a common misconception that many have about apps is that all apps will get approved.  Sadly this is not the case and that is the reason for this post which is to help educate you on the types of apps that are approved and ones that are quickly denied.

So let’s start at the beginning.

Not all apps are the same.  Some are entertainment apps like games while others are helpful tools apps but all of these apps have two things in common:

1) The app looks amazing

2) The app offers a useful feature that will be used over and over

Apple does not like apps that have fuzzy images, limited features or one time uses.  Instead, Apple favors bright and thought out apps, apps that have fun and friendly features and more features that keep users coming back to the app.  For an app to be successfully approved it is always wise to hire a company to insure that your app meets approval guidelines.  Failure to do so could lead to a huge cost to your pocket book.

Next, apps have to be updated.  Keeping the content, images and features in the app fresh and up to date will help continue the longevity of the app.  People become bored easily and quickly so keeping an app fresh with new content and features will help your app out last others that only offer one feature.  With our apps, you can do this right from you computer and easily update your app content, images and features.  With 24/7 access to your app, keeping the app looking good is a breeze.

Requesting your app to have one main feature is important to us.  We want to insure that your app works the way you want it to but try to keep an open mind on other features that we know will add more value to your app.  Surprisingly many companies that want to have an app developed for their customers never request to have options like Facebook and Twitter integrated into their app.  Since so many companies invest so much time into these social media platforms, why cut these out of an app?  Integrating blogs, social media accounts, music, pictures, coupons and deals will further the appeal of your app to more users for a longer time.

If you have a business that you would like to have represented by an app please use the contact form and we will get back to you shortly! When it comes to your app idea, don’t you deserve the best Calgary App Developer on your side?