Bucars RV App Provides RVers The Help They Need On The Fly

Bucars RV App - Vog Calgary App DeveloperVog Calgary App Developer is pleased to announce the launch for the Bucars RV app.  Bucars RV, located in Balzac Alberta north of Calgary, Alberta, is one of the best places to purchase a RV.  Having personally been to Bucars and experienced the service first hand, I have to admit that Bucars RV is defiantly an amazing place.  Their slogan is “refreshingly different” which is surprisingly accurate when compared to other RV dealers I have visited.

A few months ago, Vog Calgary App Developer approached Bucars RV because we saw an opportunity for Bucars RV to connect with their customers in a more personal way.  With the help of a mobile app, customers would be able to get the help they needed such as information about their RV and book service appointments all from their smartphone.  With such an amazing tool within reach, customers of Bucars RV never have to worry if something should arise with their RV.

So what exactly does the Bucars RV app offer?

The Bucars RV app has the following features:

Camping/RV park locator – Locate any campground with GPS location search

Sanidump Finder – Pinpoint locations of sanidump stations for when your trailer has to go

Fuel Finder – Locate the cheapest and nearest gas stations near your location

Events Feature – Learn from the pros with the latest RV tips and events happening at Bucars RV

RV Wall – Post questions for help and get responses from the Bucars RV team or other RVers

Hot Deals Tab – Find out about the latest specials and visit Bucars RV to get the best deals only offered through the Bucars RV app

Weather Tab – Learn of the latest weather updates based on your current location or where you are vacationing to

Facebook and Twitter Tabs – Stay in the know of what is happening at Bucars RV

Service Tab – Book your RV in for a check up through the app

These are just a few features that are available in the Bucars RV app. To download the Bucars RV app simply click on the links below.  Choose between iPhone, iPad or Android platforms.  If you are interested in having an app developed for your business please feel free to contact us.   If you are interested in purchasing a RV than visit BucarsRV.com or stop by and see them.

A special thanks to Jeff, David and the rest of the Bucars RV team!

Download the Bucars RV app for iPad and iPhone Here

Download the Bucars RV app for Android Here

If you would like to have an ap made for your own business then please visit the Contact section of our site. Our team of local Calgary mobile app developers would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can make your business better with an app!