Marketing is as Important as the App

You have just developed an amazing app. You have tested it with the Beta version, and its ready to hit the App Store. The release date comes, and there are almost no downloads. Your family and friends have downloaded it, but apart from that, downloads are negligent. What could you do to prevent that from happening? Marketing!

Marketing is just as important as the app. You want to create a buzz and demand for the application you’re going to release. Through the alignment of your marketing strategy and release date, you can ensure that more than just your friends and families are downloading the app.

Outlined below are the ideal steps to marketing your new application!

Pre Launch Marketing

  • Determine Release Date: This will allow you to create a marketing plan, including a timeline, schedule, and effective content.
  • Conduct Market Research: Identify the key players and highest powers in the industry. Find the pain points and needs of the sector.
  • Create User Persona: Every individual responds different to a marketing strategy, so developing a persona will allow effective and relatable marketing.
  • Competitive Analysis: Knowing the competition will better allow you to understand the way forward. It also allows you to better understand the end users.
  • Create a Website: A landing page at minimum will allow you to develop a presence. Having this will also allow you to engage with users before the release.
  • Social Media: Social media has become one of the most affordable marketing strategies. Through shares and likes, your presence can exponentially increase.

Continued Success

  • Two Way Communication: Using in app messaging and notifications increases user retention because it creates a personable feel.
  • Push Notifications: Individuals that opt into push notifications are more engaged in the application and spend more time on the application.
  • User Feedback: Your end user is the most important. Creating a feedback channel will ensure that you can give relevant updates and features.
  • Referral Bonuses: Through referrals, you can create discounts and incentives to recommend the application. This heavily increases the user base.


Marketing never stops. You can be successful, and still need to market. Angry Birds is the prime example. They have had millions of downloads, and they continued to have a marketing strategy. Marketing isn’t only for startups, its also for ensuring the success of your application for the long term. Regardless of your marketing decisions, it is integral to set goals and establish key metrics. This will ensure that you are accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

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