Affordable Business Apps in a Mobile App Boom

Affordable Business AppsWhen should a business look at having an affordable business?  Unless you don’t have internet access or you are a caveman just thawed from a block of ice, you have probably have heard that the world has reached a point where mobile activity is at an all-time high.  A high that has surged past the desktop PC and laptop.  Businesses are trying desperately to move along with the trends and attempting to keep relevant with their customers and target markets. Many businesses are often left wondering how to best approach the “mobile surge” that seems to have no end in sight.

When it comes to mobile marketing the best strategies boil down to two main areas for connecting with your clients, customers or community.  1) Mobile websites that are accessed by a mobile device and written in the programming language that is HTML5, and 2) Native Apps that are downloaded to a mobile device and are written in the programming language that is unique for that device.  Examples would be Apples iOS system, Android OS or Windows.  Each device has a unique programming language which allows content to be delivered in a way which is easy to read and navigate on that device.

Both Mobile websites and Native Apps have advantages and disadvantages over one another.  Since there is no one answer that works for all businesses the debate still continues as to which is the supreme winner.  Since each business is different the needs of that business will determine which mobile marketing strategy would work better.  Although the mobile app market is on fire, having an affordable business app developed now will provide your customers a new avenue in which to connect to your business.

With all that said, the decision on having an app for your business does show to your customers that you are indeed staying ahead of the trend while offering a unique platform your customers can use to find out more about your business.  From product offers to the latest coupons and deals, having a mobile app allows business to send their updates and launches to their customers faster than any other media platform.

So let us tear down the mobile app versus the mobile website

Mobile Apps

  1. App users spend 80% of the mobile time each day on apps, but most of this time is spent on games around 30% and social platform at 20%
  2. Apps function much easier and more smoothly than mobile websites
  3. Apps are by far more robust, with access to many of the native functions that the mobile device will offer ex. GPS Directions
  4. Apps need to be writer for multiple platforms in order to be used on different devices.

Mobile Websites

  1. Users spend only 20% of their mobile time in a internet browser
  2. A mobile website can built once and then be able to use on all devices which makes it easier to view worldwide
  3. A mobile website is limited in functionality and typically does not work well as an app

If you have a business and want to have both a mobile website and an affordable business app then you can take advantage of these two marketing platforms with the help of VOG Calgary App Developer.  We build a variety of apps and websites for clients looking for something basic to showcase their products all the way up to apps that help businesses keep organized and efficient.

To learn more about our Affordable Business Apps drop us a line with your app idea and let us build your business app for you today.