The 5 Minute Guide to App Update Frequency – Part 1

Wondering how often an app should be updated? There is no simple answer such as ___ months because every app is different. Check out how often you should be updating your app here:

One of the biggest problems nowadays is the lack of an updated app, not keeping your users engaged with fresh updates and fixes will be the fastest way to lose them assuming you started with initial success. Here’s a few pointers on what updates to consider for your app:


Keep your users happy and engaged

Remember Pokemon Go? Exactly. That game is trying super hard to dig itself out of its stagnant mess that it has created. It was once praised as being the ruler of all the app stores but sadly has lost a significant chunk of its player base. The reason? Lack of updates. Now there are many apps out there that have this problem but the most recent and best example is Pokemon Go. They did not listen to the community, took features away, and one of the more iconic updates happened around Halloween which really was not all that impressive. Remember these points:

  • Keep your content fresh, and interesting
  • Don’t space its release out too long

When people get bored, they stop playing, your job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. As a Calgary iOS Developer and Calgary Android Developer, we can help you no matter what platform or problem you use.


Bugs and Fixes

One of the biggest reasons for updates is to fix and improve on your app. If something isn’t working and the community of users notices, you have a big problem on your hands. Address glitches and bugs as soon as you are able to as an incomplete product will not stand up to a competitors app, especially if it’s a nice polished piece. A good app that listens to the community and fixes its bugs will resonate with your current users and potential users.



You can use updates and notifications to promote your app… using your app… hear me out. When releasing a big new feature (not a bug update) a push notification to inform the user why they should care and how it will affect them in a big way can attract users back to your app. When it comes to updates you can:

  • Talk about it everywhere, send a push notification, write a blog, talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Let the world know your app just got better and that it’s missing out if you aren’t checking it out.
  • Hype Train: Let people know what’s coming, if it’s a big update don’t just surprise people with it, let them know what’s coming and when. If it’s an update worth getting excited about, that buzz will resonate with users and draw them back to your app.
  • Promos and Offers: Come back to _____ app and receive a free ____ is a great way to draw people back. This is obviously geared more towards game apps (unless your service app can offer something free) but hey.. if you can make it work then do it!


There’s lots of practicality to using updates for your own marketing and the betterment of your app. There’s a science when it comes to Calgary iOS Development AND Calgary Android Development that only the best Calgary Mobile Developer has mastered when it comes to apps and their updates *wink*. But how often SHOULD you update your app? Check out Part 2 of this article.

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