6 Simple Reasons Why Every Restaurant Should Have A Food Ordering App

Food Ordering Apps- Vog Calgary App DeveloperDo you know the six simple reasons why every restaurant should have a food ordering app?

If you own a restaurant than you know that the more orders you have the better your business is.  However even if the orders are coming through over the phone there is an increasingly upward trend for people to order online.  Ordering online is faster, customers don’t need to talk to anyone and orders are exactly displayed the way customer ordered.  No incorrect orders are placed and there is a lot more time saved because the phones are ringing less.

However there is an even more alarming static that shows that is a restaurant has an app for customers to use, those customers are more likely to order from that restaurant more frequently than a restaurant that does not have a mobile app.  Here are 6 simple reasons why every restaurant should have a food ordering app (made by a local Calgary app developer).

1. Get Bigger Orders More Often

In some cases, research has shown that orders made online or from a mobile device have produced orders that are up to 25% larger.  What is the reason for this 25% increase?  When a customer is able to see the menu, view add-ons and also see specials they spend more money.  Considering that this is a dramatic increase over traditional food ordering, having a mobile app just makes sense while increasing your sales margin.

2. People are Surfing The Web More Often

If there is internet access, than you probably are on the internet or using your mobile device to check the latest YouTube Vids, Facebook and Twitter updates or even sending emails.  Since people spend more hours online each day, this also provides a door way for restaurants to grab the attention of their customers.  With an online food ordering option, your customers are more easily tempted to order their food from you.  Making food ordering more convenient will in turn raise your businesses daily sales.

3. Receive Orders From Anywhere

When someone uses their mobile phone that means they are mobile.  By providing a food order app, your customers can order what they want and then get back to what they want to do.  Customers can order food while heading home, in a meeting or anything that causes them the inability to pick up a phone.  Why not make their experience with your restaurant a unique one?

4. Make the Ordering Process Simple and Fun

You know that as a customer you hate when your order is messed up or wrong.  So why have that occur with your business?  With a mobile ordering app, your customers won’t run into ordering problems or errors because they can review their order and make changes, if needed, before submitting it.  With every order, a customer then has a record of what they order each time.

5. Surpass Your Competition Overnight

To say simply, the easier it is to order from your business the more often your customers will order from you.  Consumers are picky but not forgetful.  One bad experience and you may lose that customer for good.  Why take that risk when you don’t have to?  With a food order app, you can surpass your competition because of the easiness of ordering food .  Customers will rave to friends and family about their experience with you which will in turn create more business for you in the future.

Orders may still be coming in through the phone, but with the popularity of online ordering increasing every day, the moments is fast approaching where most customers will expect to be able to submit orders without having to talk to anyone. If that isn’t reason enough to begin taking advantage of one of the fastest-growing opportunities in the restaurant industry, here are five more arguments for “going mobile:”

6. Apps Are the Way of the Future

Apps are by far the easiest way to order food,  communicate with customers and launch special promotions for app customers.  Having a mobile app for your business is just as important as having a website.  Without one, your customers will look to other businesses to suit their needs.  Take advantage of a trend that shows no signs of slowing down and get a jump on your competition at the same time.


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