App Review 101: How To Get More Reviews For Your App

Looking to score some positive reviews on the app store to increase your apps reputation? There are a few ways to go about this than simply hoping people will come to review your app positively. Check out a few tips on how to get some reviews for your app and why you should care about your apps reputation as told by a Calgary App Developer:

So why should you care about having reviews on the app store? Well, there’s a few reasons. The first one is that user reviews play a huge role in whether or not new potential users will download your app. Unfortunately for you as the app owner, most reviews tend to happen when something isn’t working properly. This creates a bit of a negative system which can ultimately cost you users in your app. That’s where you need to step in. Reputation is everything for any business. Whether it be a movie, a restaurant, or an app, having a good review and reputation plays a huge part in attracting new potential users. Here are a few Calgary App Development tips on how you can increase your positive reviews!

Create a Good App

This might seem like a redundant point, but without a good app there won’t be good reviews. Far too often other Calgary App Developers will publish their apps without testing, finalizing, and making sure the app functions as it is supposed to. You need to make sure that your app provides real value to its users by making sure everything functions, and by providing your app with regular updates!

Ask Your Users

There’s nothing wrong with asking your current users to leave a good review of your app. In fact it’s becoming way more common these days for apps to have pop up notifications asking for reviews. By easing the process of having a clickable button that takes your users to the app store to leave a review, you up the odds of increasing positive reviews from your satisfied users, rather than simply collecting the reviews of disgruntled users. Make everyone’s reviews feel valued and appreciated and that will contribute to building a strong community within your app!


You want your current, satisfied users to leave a review right? So why not offer them a little incentive to do so? A lot of gaming apps will reward a user leaving the review with a small in game reward usually in the form of currency, or something of use to them. This may be seen as a bit of an underhanded way of gaining positive reviews, however, as a user, you don’t necessarily have to leave a positive review to qualify for the reward. Another method is to hold a contest. To qualify, simply leave a review, and the user could be rewarded with a Google Play card, App Store card, or any other prize you wish to offer. You may have a great app, but sometimes to get the reviews, you need to offer your users a bit of incentive.

Social Media

Do you have fans on social media? Ask for their help! Encourage your social media followers to leave a review on the app store while simultaneously attracting new ones through social media advertising! You can also ask social media influencers to rate and review your app to their followers, which will attract new users and reviews.


There are many ways to get great reviews for your app. The trick is to simply find the best way to ask for them. If you have any questions on how you can get started on building your app, or make changes to your existing one, visit the Contact section of our website! Our Calgary App Development team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality!