Video: Top 5 Android Predictions for 2017 Reaction

We are not quite one month into the new year and already people are wondering what’s in store for the mobile world this year? Well our friends over at Android Central made a pretty cool video with some of their predictions for what 2017 will hold:

I’m actually quite pleased this video was made. Not only does it give me a some great stuff to blog about but it also opens my eyes to what the future holds in our mobile experience. If you’re like me I absolutely love new technology. I think it’s super cool what we can accomplish nowadays and the limit for what we can achieve is constantly changing. If you share my passion then check out this video where Android Central discusses what will be emerging on your devices soon and why they think so.

1. 4K Phones

My initial question was “who cares, if it’s on a device that small then why would I pay extra for 4K?” Alex almost immediately answers that question with integrated devices. With virtual reality on the rise, this technology is utilizing existing technology to display HD virtual reality experiences via our phones and wearable headsets.

Having a setting that allows us to change our resolution to accommodate battery life is a HUGE yes from us here at VOG Calgary – a Calgary mobile app developer. This could even be coupled with having different “modes” such as VR mode, normal mode, video mode, etc. Either way, this will give users far more control over their mobile devices and will hopefully save them from having to recharge their devices as frequently (depending on the task).

2. Android on Laptops

Sounds pretty cool right? Even just the concept of having the best of the mobile phone world and the laptop world combining as one sounds awesome! There are already some degrees of device integration such as the Microsoft Xbox One and a Windows 10 computer having integrated features, so it’s not necessarily an out to lunch concept that our phones and laptops may share similar functions and data. I seriously doubt and question the need for a fully integrated laptop with your phone but pairing the two to make up for each other’s differences would certainly make for a cool feature.

3. Smartwatches = Still Weird

Do you own a smartwatch? Me neither. However if you do, I don’t believe that’s necessarily a bad thing. The smartwatch was designed for on the go people either through recreation or work who are looking to receive quick updates from their watch rather than pulling out their phone. It appeals to a certain type of audience and that’s why the smartwatch should never be discredited as “weird” immediately.

I do however agree that a smartwatches functionality should be limited. Having a news app on your watch is extremely impractical and will not likely get as much usage as the alarm function for instance, a basic clock function. I believe that rather than expanding on what the watch is capable of, we need to reassess and refine what the smartwatch does right now. It’s like Alex says in the video, “less is more.”

4. Epic Battery Life

Let me start this one off with YES. My battery is dead literally all the time, I almost need to pace myself throughout the day in order to make my battery last by the time I come home. There is a genuine fear I believe we all share of your phone being dead and disconnected from the world. Any sort of advancement in terms of battery I welcome with open arms.

I want to discuss when Alex says that a longer battery isn’t necessarily “sexy.” I would disagree with that due to the stakes being raised on what our phones can do and what sort of apps are coming out nowadays. Trust me, our Calgary app developer team is hard at work on some super cool stuff right now. Advertising a larger battery life with specific examples such as “lasts 8 hours on Pokemon Go” or “lasts 4 hours running VR at 4K resolution” would absolutely beef up a phone’s “sexiness.”

A feature that attracted me to my Samsung device was having a removable battery that could be replaced if lost, damaged, or drained. This was a huge selling point to me that if I ever got to the point where my phone was dying, I could simply pop in a replacement battery. With technology on the rise today and hardware becoming smaller and more efficient, I believe 2 day battery is absolutely possible (assuming Samsung’s next Note model doesn’t burst into flames). As a Calgary mobile app specialist, we are excited for the prospect of a longer and more powerful battery. It would allow us as developers to continue to push the boundaries of what we can achieve on a mobile device. Believe me, there’s some cool stuff coming.

5. War on Bezels

I won’t spend too much time here because honestly… who cares. I absolutely agree this is a step towards making phones even more interesting but you can only do so much with a rectangle. I was excited initially at the sight of the Samsung Edge device that had a screen that curved around to the side of the device. Of course this also brought up many concerns such as accidentally touching things on the screen and how exactly do you hold your phone?

Regardless, if there is truly a war on bezels coming I don’t see it lasting too long. You can only do so much with the edges of your phone and honestly, the problem of phones becoming boring is not likely due to its bezel.

(Bonus) 6. The Next Version of Android Will be Named…

Good guess Alex, although isn’t the name Oreo protected by copyright? I was entertaining the thought of Orangesicle but maybe Oreo or Oatmeal will be a more popular decision.

A Final Thought

Regardless of whether or not these predictions are true you can bet there are going to be a ton of super cool innovations in the mobile phone department. With these innovations will need to be innovative apps to go with them, something only the best Calgary app developer can create with you. Visit the Contact section of the website and we will get to work setting up a time to chat about your next innovative app idea.