The Flip side: How to Handle Negative Reactions to Your App Part 2

Concerned about what will happen if people don’t like your app? Already have an app that’s getting negative reviews? First off, cheer up! It’s only a total loss if you let it become one. Here’s how you can deal with getting a bad app store review:

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Let me start off this article with saying you have the very best Calgary iOS Development teams and Calgary Android Development teams in the city at your disposal here at VOG Calgary. With that in mind we always use our experience to go above and beyond to critique, change,  and mold your app as best as we can towards success. However, every app you make is a gamble, sometimes the world just doesn’t need that particular app at this time. It may not be because the idea is bad, but with such a saturated market it can be tough to lock on to the particular target audience that likes your app. A poorly reviewed app does not need to necessarily be counted as a loss and abandoned. Here’s the continuation of how a proper app owner goes about handling negative feedback:

Listen and Act

If the core features of your app are running great then you don’t have to worry as much. An app that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to has no business being fully deployed on the app store. However, sometimes great market research can come from the reviews people leave behind. Sometimes people may complain about how expensive IAP’s (in app purchases) can be, color schemes, improvements to consider, etc. Whatever the feedback, it’s important to only act on meaningful feedback left by someone looking to have their problem solved. Too often in this day and age we are met by “trolls” online leaving a bad review for the fun of it, people simply flustered and emotional about the app, or someone angry who decided to take out their frustration in the review section of your app.

The point I’m trying to make is you need to weed through and find the feedback that matters. Act on the customers who may actually have a worthwhile concern/suggestion and ignore the people leaving a bad review for the sake of a joke or other emotional reasons.

The Silver Lining

My old boss used to say “Remember that nothing bad happens to a company that can’t be turned around.” I wanted to correct him on a few specific examples but I understood the gist of what he meant. What he was saying was that even if your company (app) was going through a rough patch and getting some bad publicity for a variety of reasons, use that to your advantage to show your customers you care. Take all those reviews as feedback and make those changes, adjust the prices, fix bugs, and identify who’s liking it and who’s not to zero in on your target audience. This relationship creates a sense of collaboration with your users and the company, they feel like their voice has been heard and it even creates a feeling of ownership that “yes, I helped make this happen.”

Learning how to leverage the bad feedback and see that “silver lining” can be pivotal in any apps success, sometimes you need to take a few hits before you begin to see success (that’s a life lesson).


Ultimately, my point is you have two choices when met with bad reviews in the store. You can either get defensive about your idea, or you can be open to the critique and feedback that a few quality users will leave behind. Obviously not every bad review will have quality behind it, but if enough people care about your  idea, you can work with your users to create something that has their best interests in mind, and reshapes your original idea beyond what you imagined.

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