CI/CD: The New Pipeline

Although oil pipelines are still extremely important within Alberta’s economy, there is a new type of pipeline that is of utmost significance in rebuilding the economy–the CI/CD pipeline. CI/CD is short for continuous integration and continuous delivery which provides all developers, across industries, with a set of principles and guidelines for development. While the minute details of a company’s development processes vary, having a set of standardized philosophies and processes allow for developers to move from company to company much more easily than others. 

It may seem like common sense to develop using a standardized methodology, however coding bootcamps and other post-secondary programs lack education on these topics, making first jobs extremely difficult if a developer has not learnt the concepts in external experiences. 

This gap is where Launchpad comes in. Launchpad takes junior developers and turns them into intermediate developers, ready to work directly after graduation. Our program aims to teach developers the processes related to implementing CI/CD pipelines into all of their projects, as well as a myriad of other development and business skills. The 16 weeks developers spend at Launchpad will allow them to jumpstart their careers, and head directly into the rapidly growing post-COVID economy.

Launchpad by Vog is here to help the industry. If you want to learn more about how you can get involved, reach out to us or Launchpad!