Sector Overview: Education

Vog believes in building businesses in every sector. From mHealth to Fintech, Vog has played in nearly every sector. Education is a growing sector, so let’s look at it in greater detail!

When we look at education, we think about schools, teachers, and aids. With that said, education has seen a major shift since the COVID-19 pandmeic. More online resources have been developed, and elearning has been adopted to a greater degree. Within education is also artificial intelligence. This has been seen to have increased research grants and overall value to society. Education will continue to shift even after the pandemic, and the changes will be seen for the future generations.

Online learning will continue to be prevalent in our education system for the foreseeable future. While many schools will suggest they are an online school, mamy will offer online options. This is due to the fact that when education happens online, the capacity is significantly greater. More students can be accommodated on Zoom, than a classroom. Additionally, individuals see the value of learning from home. Every student can find their more comfortable environment, and ensure that their surroundings are conducive to their education. The ability to learn is heavily impacted by one’s environment.

Who would have guessed that Zoom would have become the most widely used platform for education in the last year. While the world went into an economically challenging time, the CEO of Zoom became increasingly more successful. His overall worth increased exponentially as universities, schools, and workplaces adopted Zoom into their day to day operations.

Education will always be a growing sector, and will continue to grow in importance. So how do tech companies play in the sector and ensure that they enable success in the sector?

Tech companies need to focus on universality and functionality. At the end of the day, it needs to be an asset to any user, regardless of their technological capabilities. For the next several years, education apps will have a continued focus on communication. While everyone is forced to be further apart, educational apps can bring everyone closer together.

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