On-Demand App Highlights

On-Demand apps bring what you need to your door. Uber Eats and Skip the dishes have seen incredible success. These apps focus on convenience, and make going out to eat that much easier. Families with picky eaters, or allergies have the ability to get food for everyone, without having to make multiple trips. While this convenience comes at a cost of a few dollars, convenience is worth so much more. Additionally, the pandemic hindered indoor dining, and so the growth and usage of food delivery apps doubled.

When entrepreneurs realized that on-demand apps were the future… they adjusted their plans. Companies like Tap Labs and Fuel Donkey came to fruition. Food delivery apps were just the beginning.

 Let’s dive into on-demand apps!

On-Demand Types:

There are three business models that an on-demand app can be a part of! Those being:

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Person to Person

In the end, everyone wants to be treated as a consumer. On-demand apps make everyone feel important and prioritized. Consumers and businesses have equal expectations in regards to service and delivery quality. As the presence of on demand apps increases, more business to business models are being adopted.


On-demand apps can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. With the right developer, your app can accomplish so many different things. These are the key benefits to consider!

  • Reduce Costs: On-demand startups have lower operating costs, and are able to serve more customers at a lower cost.
  • Convenient: Convenience is what drives demand. People are busier than ever, and support businesses that help support their lives.
  • New Business Opportunities: Oftentimes, on-demand apps let individuals diversify their revenue. Additionally, even through the pandemic, on-demand apps managed to double in growth.

Why Vog?

Vog has experience in the on-demand apps sector. Vog has helped Tap Labs, Fuel Donkey and many other on-demand apps come to fruition. The experience that Vog brings to the table  will ensure that your app is made to suit the needs of the market, at an affordable cost.

If you want to learn more about what Vog has done in the on-demand market, reach out to us for a consultation! Vog is a proudly Canadian company that wants to support you in the app development journey.