Wearable Technology is Growing

We all know that technology is one of the fastest growing industries, and it will continue to grow as new innovations come to market. We are all familiar with wrist technologies, but what will come next?

Everyone is familiar with the fitbit and the apple watch. The market also continues to grow as more and more wrist technologies come to the market. While Apple watches are one of the most advanced wearable technologies on the market, it won’t always be like that. In recent years smart clothing and smart glasses have entered the market. 

Smart Clothes

We have all been caught in the sun for far too long. While the skin reddens, we quickly reapply sunscreen in hopes that it will compensate for the burn we are bound to have. What if you could be alerted in advance that there is a high UV rating, and that the likelihood to burn was high?

This is why wearable clothes were developed. There are bathing suits that have been developed that connect to an application on your cellular device. When the UV is high or you are spending an extended period of time outdoors, your phone will alert you based on the data received from the swimsuit.

This is only the beginning of smart clothes!

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are a new thing to the market, and continue to be invested in. Companies have created smart sunglasses, so that your memories can become keepsakes. The glasses connect to your phone through an application, and allow you to take pictures of anything you see. Whether it be after a long hike or you’re having a beach day, everything can be snapped into a photo.

This has been a harder product to sell due to privacy issues and concerns. However, this is just the basis of what smart glasses could be. Maybe in the future your smartphone will be built into glasses.

Regardless of how smart tech is, it needs an app. We are very excited for the future of tech. If you want to know more about how Vog can help you, reach out!

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