Propelling Forward Via Launchpad

Vog has two hands in the future. While one hand is directly in tech the other hand is in a program called Launchpad. Vince O’Gorman the CEO of Vog, saw that there was a gap between the supply and demand of developers. Companies hiring developers have a demand for experience. While individuals have the technological background from university, they don’t have the experience. This has been an issue for all companies, including Vog.

Vog created Launchpad. Through classes, mentorship and experience, incoming developers, or developers looking to improve themselves have the opportunity to meet the demand of the industry. Launchpad gives its students the tools to succeed in finding a job, and satisfy the demand.

Let’s learn more about Launchpad!

Launching Your Career

Launchpad wants its graduates to be successful. By helping get junior developers to an intermediate level, the industry can be far more successful. It can be challenging for junior developers to leverage their lack of experience to land a role.

Here are the primary ways that Launchpad helps!

  • Hands on Experience: Launchpad wants every student to be ready for real projects. This is why Launchpad teaches its students how to implement business rules and client requests.
  • Mentorship: It is easier to learn by watching and asking. Here at Launchpad we value the relationship that a mentorship can build with a junior developer.
  • Soft Skills: Soft skills and hard skills are equally important. Through Launchpad, students can better understand the process of recruitment, and better navigate the application process.

Gaining Experience 

Bootcamps and university courses equip students with the foundations to becoming a successful developer. Technological skills and soft skills are developed, but without experience, a junior developer can have a hard time landing their first job. Launchpad was developed to allow junior developers to have a source of experience. In tech, experience is how you land the job.

When our graduates land a job, it becomes both Launchpad and the graduates’ success.

Determining a Specialization 

You don’t have to be new to tech to be a part of Launchpad. Launchpad helps everyone propel forward in their careers. Sometimes developers make the active decision to switch their specialization. This is often due to the desire to be more versatile. Through the 4 month program you can become more versatile and well versed.

There are four specializations at Launchpad:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Back End
  4. Web Development

Understanding what part of a project you want to be involved in will help you determine where you should specialize. Remember that each specialization is equally important!

The Next Generation

Tech is the future. To make sure that the tech industry is sustainable in the future, the next generation needs to be hired. This is where Launchpad comes in. Through Launpads mentorship, classes, and hands-on experience, the next generation can land jobs in tech.

Vog wants to launch junior developers forwards. Check out what else Vog is up to or reach out to us!