The Flip side: How to Handle Negative Reactions to Your App Part 1

Concerned about what will happen if people don’t like your app? Already have an app that’s getting negative reviews? First off, cheer up! It’s only a loss if you let it become one. Here’s how you can deal with getting a bad app store review:

Let me start off this article with saying you have the very best Calgary iOS Development teams and Calgary Android Development teams in the city. With that in mind we always use our experience to go above and beyond to critique, change,  and mold your app as best as we can towards success. However, every app you make is a gamble, sometimes the world just doesn’t need that particular app at this time. It may not be because the idea is bad, but with such a saturated market it can be tough to lock on to the particular target audience that likes your app. A poorly reviewed app does not need to necessarily be counted as a loss and abandoned. Here’s how a proper app owner goes about handling negative feedback:


Robi Ganguly of Apptentive encourages app makers to view feedback “as an indication of care.” What does that mean? Well, most app users do not review apps at all. They will either enjoy your app and continue to use it, or uninstall it if it’s REALLY something they aren’t interested in. Now, the people who do review your app are expressing interest, they WANT your app to work. In fact they’re frustrated it doesn’t and that’s why they’re letting you know what it is that stops your app from being an awesome application. Naturally, you might initially feel defensive, after all, your good idea is going through scrutiny.

Be encouraged to reach back to the customer, let them know their review has been received and that you will be taking action on it (if appropriate). At the very least you have taken the high road of not getting angry, and instead, shown the customer you care. Be appreciative of the feedback and remember that just because your app might be viewed poor right now, doesn’t mean you can’t act on the changes to make it better.

Keep calm, be thankful for feedback, and reign in your emotionally defensive side to show the customer you care.

Show Your Customers You Care

If you have a ton of users leaving poor reviews about the same problem/suggestion… then it’s something you need to listen to. Owning up to your mistakes personally can make the world of difference to your customers. Take the extra time and give your users some unexpected value of a personal touch. Write back to them and let them know when you have addressed their concerns, corrected the problem, and have done something above and beyond for them such as free credit, a free IAP (in app purchase), or something that shows you go the extra mile for your users. Word of mouth is always the strongest form of advertisement and doing simple yet effective acts of acknowledgement and kindness will help your public image, and may even attract more users.

Wrapping Up

“Wait… you guys didn’t really answer all aspects of negative feedback?” is what you’re likely thinking and you’d be correct. That’s why you’ll have to tune into the next article where I wrap up my two part “How to deal with negative feedback” article. Until then, feel free to come and pay us a visit to chat about your app idea. As a Calgary iOS Developer and Calgary Android Developer, we do whatever it takes to make sure your app does not leave a bad impression on anyone.. and that is why we are the best.

If you’d like to come in for a chat about how we can turn your next app idea into a success then please visit the Contact section of the website. Our team would love to sit down with you and discuss what we can do to make your app experience a positive one. Every app is gamble on whether or not it will be a success, so is choosing the best developer for the job not in your best interest?