6 Tips for your Apps Social Media Presence

Wondering how to provide good value to your social media followers? Check out a few key points on how you can make a difference to your followers by using simple changes and suggestions:

So you’ve built your app, set up your website and social media, and now you’re wanting to know how exactly you can keep your followers entertained and satisfied. So how exactly do you do that?

Well, short of dumping a small fortune into marketing and advertising there are a few simple tricks you can use to keep your current users satisfied, as well as attracting users through referral. The trick is using good, consistent content and engagement to make your page a solid and consistent place for whatever app you represent. As the city’s leader in Calgary iOS Development and Calgary Android Development we know a few tricks to help you keep a fresh and inviting app page!

Keep Things Consistent

Think of this like establishing your voice. Try to communicate the tone of your company through statuses and content. Remember this quote:

If your voice is familiar and personal, your audience will trust you

You can make your voice whatever you want, silly, fun sophisticated, cheeky, playful, etc. Take your audience inside your brands experience.

Engage your Audience

Small tip but effective… when people engage you, engage them back! Initially you won’t get much feedback from users but keeping up your questions, answers, contests, advertisements, surveys, etc. If someone comes to you with an issue, make the most of it, show everyone that you address peoples problems personally.

Sharing other people’s content is also a fantastic way to gain more traffic and keep things interactive with other users. If the topics are trending, this can be a great free way to gain more exposure to potential followers.

Provide Value over a Hard Sell

Remember the 80/20 rule.. 80% should be other peoples content, inspirational quotes, or some sort of relevant posts that entertain your audience.. and 20% selling your business. If you simply spam your business.. people won’t like you.

Most people understand that as a general rule.. you believe your business/app is the best. If you got it developed with the best Calgary iOS Development and Calgary Android Development teams, then it’s no surprise at all and should be an expectation 😉 . So operate on the assumption that everyone knows you’re the best and now you’re trying to reach your community in a way that will add something to their lives. If you can, try to stay on trending topics and tie it into your app and eventually people will begin to notice you more and trust your brand.

Be Visual

A short and sweet point but nonetheless effective. People respond way better to visuals than they do words. Try utilizing more infographics, charts, videos, pictures, etc when posting content to your page. It’s generally met with stronger feedback than words by themselves.

Show your Personality

What is social media really? It’s people connecting with people. It requires a personal touch, so sounding like an automated robot simply won’t work. Your personality will have a huge sway when it comes to standing out from your competitors. The more personal you are, the more of a relationship you have with your audience, and the more people will trust you.

The Right Tools for the Job

Scheduling can make an unbelievable difference. I don’t want to share too many secrets from our marketing division but when you post can make a big difference on feedback. When you’re running a small operation, setting up the right social media automation can still make your business shine and free you up to tend to other matters.

Try not to rely too heavily on social media automation. It’s important to make sure people still feel there is a real live person behind that Facebook page replying and engaging them personally. Any detection of robots or spam filled posts and people will catch on.

A Final Thought

Hopefully that helps to set you on the right path for social media. I know there’s a couple tips in there that has even helped us boost our social media presence. Above all remember that being present and engaging your followers is what will make a world of difference to your customers. People love a company that cares, and when you take 5 seconds out of your day to talk to them, it shows who your company is to everyone.

If you have an app idea or need help marketing your app visit the Contact section of the website. Nothing would make us happier than being able to sit down with you and show you why we are Calgary’s best mobile app developer. Send us an email or give us a phone call and we will get to work setting up an appointment for you to come in and share your business goals. It never hurts to come in for a chat, and it will be the best decision you ever made!