Pitching your App

Wondering how to gain some supporters and even investment for your app? Then you need to know how to communicate the awesomeness of it without using words like “awesomeness.” Check out how to write a proper app pitch below:

One of the greatest ways to gain followers is to be featured on app blogs. Now if your app isn’t an overnight success then chances are bloggers won’t be pursuing you to write about your app. So what do you do? You ask them instead. Here’s the first golden rule:

Don’t pay for an app review

It’s forced and has proven to be a useless expense. No.. you want to present your app in a professional way, with highlights on a few key aspects.. let’s begin!

What to include in your app pitch

So here’s the gist of it.. when you talk to an app blogger chances are they are outrageously busy and probably get 100 emails a day with apps that are just as good as yours (unless they weren’t made by the best Calgary iOS Developer / Calgary Android Developer.. then they’re probably not as good). The trick is to provide all the relevant information they want to know which is what your app is, and why they (people) should care about it. Think of making it like a small press release: your app, what it does, and why people should care. Here’s a list of what should be included:

  • The name of your app
  • What it does, and why it is different
  • The price
  • One link to your product page (Your website)
  • One link to the iTunes product page and/or Google Play product page
  • One or two screenshots
  • A video (important!) 30 seconds to a minute.
  • A description in a concise paragraph. Say who your audience is, what your app does, what sets it apart from the crowd.
  • Contact information. An email and not a link to a contact form
  • Skype IDs, Twitter IDs

Thorough, informational, organized, and all relevant information for any blog writer to write about your app.

What about a Press Release?

So my email and information is like a small press release, so do you write a full press release as well? The answer is yes! A press release should always be made for a new app as part of the app’s press kit. You can keep it handy for when your app begins to take off, post it on your website, or most importantly, send it along to bloggers if/when it’s requested. Some bloggers may ask you for a press release if they have interest in writing about your app, so why make them wait?

A Few Final Thoughts

  • Target your blogger correctly, no Android Business Blog is going to write about your new iPhone game. Do some research and pick your bloggers carefully, see if they have done anything in your apps category in the past.
  • Try to be polite, you’re asking this person to review your app, maybe try using their real name instead of starting with “dear blogger.” Don’t be pretentious and snobby, but also don’t try too hard, aim right in between with a polite, friendly, and professional tone.
  • Don’t engage in conversation. Make sure when you send an email that you include absolutely everything as if they had already asked for your apps info. Your first email shouldn’t be a couple sentences asking if it’s ok if they review your app. Believe me if they want to write about your app they will ask you for more information, so make the effort to give them what you can and intrigue them right away.
  • Don’t mass email. Every app blogger likely has a unique style to their blog which is the reason they’re popular. Try to adapt each email to the style of the blogger as well as using personal touches such as their name and previous blogs they’ve written (if appropriate).

Don’t forget to outline why your app is awesome and remember to be persistent! Speak with your Calgary iOS Development or Calgary Android Development teams for how to make your app awesome and tips on how to be persistent with article writers.


Your app can stand out among the rest with a little bit of work invested. All you need to do is find the right Calgary mobile app developer for the job. If you wish to discuss more on how we can help you with your apps journey then visit the Contact section of our website. Our team would love to chat with you to discuss how our services can take your app to where you want it to be: the top!