Why Your Event Needs a Mobile App Part 2

Hosting a large event? It can be tough to get the word out, centralize the information, and attract more people to your event. There’s a few reasons your event could use the assistance of a mobile app that can definitely justify the expense, let me explain:

I know what you’re thinking. “I already have a website why would I need an app for my event?.” Let me start out by saying that a website is absolutely fantastic, but if you have read previous blogs, you will understand that the reason most people create an app for their business is because it is a lot more useful and personal than a website. You are likely visiting the best Calgary App Developer – VOG Calgary – for your business because you understand that an app carries it’s own advantages that a website can’t provide. Keep in mind that your event should be a large event to justify the cost of an app. Here are the concluding reasons why you should consider making an app for your event planning:

Go Green

This may or may not be a big deal to most businesses but depending on the type of business you are, you may want to listen up to save both the planet and some money. Let’s say for the sake of an example that you host a music event every year. Every year you spend a small fortune on advertising, posters, brochures, programs, etc. I’m not entirely sure as to the price of printing these days but I am willing to bet that if your event is yearly this cost becomes a nuisance year after year. Take the green initiative, save paper, and never worry about spending money on print again. With an app you could save yourself the time, capital, and hassle of distributing paper information when the information could be right at the fingertips of your attendees. Apps might be a bit on the pricey side (depending on your app) but as a Calgary App Developer, we can assure you that it will be a worthwhile investment.

Online Shopping

I love online stores like Amazon, it makes it super convenient for me to view, purchase, and receive my item without having to leave my home. Why not take that same initiative within your app? If your event revolves around entertainment or trade show products, why not allow attendees to purchase awesome band shirts, CD’s, videos, accessories, gift cards, or whatever it is your event revolves around. This can increase sales since most people can’t stand a long lineup to make a purchase, and provide a service to users by allowing them and their friends another outlet to purchase great stuff.

We Are Live in 3…2…1

“Going Live” nowadays is turning into something huge. Live streaming you or an event near you has become a new norm on social media. Even Facebook itself has brought over the feature of going live right through the website/app itself. I think you see where this is going… If the world wants your event to go live, why not do it through your app? Depending on what type of event you are, you may be able to stream most if not all of the event right through your app. There may be a variety of reasons a person was unable to attend such as location, disability, cost, etc. Making parts of your event live/on demand through an app will help people who can’t attend feel as though they are a part of the action. This can also help generate buzz with your current attendees as they rush to show their friends all the awesome moments your event had!


We touched on this briefly last time but there are a ton of businesses who will want to advertise through your app if your event has enough popularity. You can generate advertising revenue from local businesses looking to purchase an ad slot on your app. This brings spotlight to local businesses, generates some income for your event, and helps your users to plan their time at your event accordingly. Consider planning for this when initially designing your app and how you will approach businesses in you area.

Everything is Connected

Having a mobile app made by VOG Calgary mobile app developer means that we try to think ahead for you. With apps being the hub of entertainment and information right at the users fingertips, does it not make sense to connect and share your app with the rest of the world? Having the ability to share parts of your app with all the major social media apps will not only gain you more exposure, but increase the hype among your attendees. Speaking personally, I currently use an app that majorly posts the blog updates from a company called Bungie. Often times I get extremely excited as to the cool new developments, events, contests, and announcements expressed in the Bungie blog. I often share the articles that get me most hyped all over my social media channels for all of my friends to see, share, and discuss with me. You too can generate this same effect for among your attendees and all it takes is some solid content and the outlet to do it!


I absolutely recognize the initial hesitation you might have to investing in your own app geared around a specific event instead of a business. As a Calgary mobile app developer, it’s an easy decision for us because we believe every business and event should have an app. If you are curious at all and are still wanting to ask some questions then please visit the Contact section of the website. Feel free to email/phone us with your questions, or even set up a time to discuss why we believe your business and event will explode with popularity when partnered with the right app. We love Calgary, and we love your business, so doesn’t it just make sense to partner with the best Calgary mobile app developer?