Educating Clients On Emerging Technologies

Every client comes to the table with different challenges. As a software development company, it’s our job to keep up with the latest changes in the tech sector and help educate them.

While artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), and machine learning are grabbing most of the public attention, what truly defines emerging technology is that the majority views its usefulness as dubious and it may not be embraced by most. For example, some people may consider cloud computing as emerging technology since there are some questions as to how reliable and to secure it truly is. However, as tech experts, we play an essential role in guiding our clients to invest in what would give them the most return on investment and what would be the best solution when looking for custom software built to streamline their processes and get a competitive advantage.

Here’s how to educate your clients on emerging technologies:

1. Acknowledge their pain

People want help from those who understand what they’re going through. Although many of your clients are likely experiencing the same or similar pain, the root cause of these can be as diverse as your clientele. Listen to our clients to get a broader view of how technologies are being used to help streamline processes and increase sales as well as other factors that are affecting their productivity and reputation. What works for one customer may not work for another, but you can always ease your clients’ pain by listening to them and showing how your innovative ideas and show them that emerging technologies are not a threat. Technology can just as quickly be pointed in a reverse direction as a progressive one; it’s all about how we use it.

 2. Help them get to know you

Give them a reason to listen to you. Most of the time, we are focused on learning more about our clients, and we forget to present ourselves and show them the benefits of building a relationship with our business. Let your clients know that when a contract is signed, they not only get whatever product or service you are offering but also your expertise and full energy to make things happen, what makes you the perfect candidate to guide them and teach them about the latest trends and tools that will help them grow. Emerging means changing as well and people feel uncomfortable when a change is necessary, so it’s your job to make sure your clients feel confident that they are doing the right thing when investing in emerging technologies. The only time you are growing is when you’re uncomfortable.

3. Answer all the questions

Including the ones that are not asked. Learn how well your clients understand the latest tech trends, tools, and services that are available on the market, and they have an idea of what is coming. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge, but remember that you will not always have the answers for all questions, so be humble, do your research and get back to them when you are ready to answer them.

4. Learn together

Be prepared to not only teach but also learn from your client. Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the way things get done across every single industry. You have to be willing to keep learning and not be afraid of the changes that come with the desire of investing your time and efforts in finding innovative solutions for your clients.

5. Be transparent

Make sure your clients are aware of the risks of adopting emerging technologies as they are capable of harnessing enormous amounts of data in real time and seamlessly communicating that data around a complex network of other connected technologies. Privacy and security must be your priority when guiding your clients towards a change, so be transparent when discussing the risks they may be facing when adopting emerging technologies. Transparency doesn’t just help businesses become financially successful; it makes them excellent partners. Never forget that it’s hard to get a good reputation and extremely easy to lose it.

In conclusion, overcoming the inherent cybersecurity challenges requires an in-depth basic defence approach that combines people, processes and technologies. Emerging technologies have already paved the way for revolutions in sectors such as health, transportation, finance, manufacturing and more. As new technologies continue to develop, how will our world continue to change?

If you want to have a more in-depth discussion about it and are wondering how we could help your business with the use of emerging technologies and custom software, contact us today.