Mobile Payment Trends: Part 2

With mobile payment options on the rise, our team of Calgary App Developers have come up with some important trends you need to know about. With its popularity set to gain even more over the coming years, this is one trend you shouldn’t ignore. Read on to find out all you need to know about mobile purchases, e-payments and more.

As we discussed in the first post of this series, the importance of mobile bill payments combined with the increase of mobile wallets and introduction of loyalty programs shows how important it is to recognize the power of mobile payment options within apps. In the second part of this series, lets explore some additional aspects of how mobile payments are significant to the future of app development.

Added Security Features

Through emerging technologies such as facial recognition and fingerprint ID being incorporated into more mobile apps everyday, these features add a greater level of trust and sense of security from their users. As an added bonus, without having to input credit card numbers or usernames and passwords, the time it takes to make mobile purchases has been greatly reduced.

Complete Transactions Using AI

Using artificial intelligence software, many transactions and commands can be executed throughout the mobile world quicker than ever before. It’s been used with banking, telecommunications, and is even behind most of those pop-up help features or chatbots among websites. With the improvements AI mobile technology has made over the past few years, it can now be used to complete routine customer requests properly and with ease. With the ability to incorporate both verbal and written AI software, the possibilities to include an array of new features into your mobile app are vast.

Home Device Compatibility

With the introduction of home devices such as Alexa and Google Home, this has expanded the markets for mobile payments even further. Being able to use voice commands to order products and consumables through these devices are a simple and easy solution to running out to your neighbourhood grocery store or library, to name a few examples. Using credit card information stored on file, (usually inputted during the set-up process of these home devices) its securely allows you to make purchases conveniently and on-the-go. They can process simple routine requests such as renewing subscriptions, like monthly Netflix payments, and even execute repeat ordering information from previous purchases. The popularity of these devices is set to steadily gain in the near future, and this will significantly increase the number of mobile/online payments consumers complete.

With mobile payments increasing in popularity every day, it’s best to know the keys to success and with our Calgary app development team, we strive to share our knowledge and answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in discussing further, visit the Contact section of our website we would love to chat about how we can assist you and your business with mobile applications and custom software. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.